Mute Appeal

  • Hello, @MagnumDong(kingkandy20)#3679 here. Earlier today, my opinions and ideas were suppressed by the majority. I thought the warframe was a safe place where equally and fairly. I guess I was extremely mistaken. The action log says that I "trashed" the developers, which is merely subjective and simply untrue in the first place. It also says I tagged the developers but it was never made aware to me that it was not allowed. It is for these reasons that I would like to be unmuted from the sever.

  • Hi. Here are screenshots of my warning to not ping DE, and you still doing so afterwards:
    Deleting the messages does not excuse you from breaking the rules- we have logs and the rules were still initially broken.
    As for your trashing:
    You were asked to stop doing something, and didn't. This is why you were muted.

  • @houndoominite The punishment was far too harsh. Perhaps a 2 hour mute would have been more appropriate. Also, I was instructed to tag the devs. It is plainly seen in those screenshots.

  • I'm sorry, but I'm gonna have to +1 this one. A permanent mute is a bit much.

  • The mute is not permanent.

    Pinging the developers is not allowed. This is clearly stated in the rules. You were also told to not ping them before anyone "instructed" you to ping them.


    Your quote, "they cant be busy sitting on their ass and playing warframe all day" is an instance of trashing.

  • @houndoominite We can agree to disagree on whether it was trashing or not. May I ask how long the mute is?

  • Considering so many warnings were ignored, I think this punishment is just and the mute will not be lifted for the time being.

    Otherwise I would have it shortened to a month.