Cynder333 Ban Appeal

  • Discord ID: Blue queen of the raptors#4872

    Date unknown.: All I remember was waking up to the eldion hunt sister server being raided then I went to the main server to warn them saying it started there then the massive raid hit the main server kept me awake for 30min and I went back to sleep to find I was banned.

    Reason: Was banned for nsfw pfp. Had dms off

    Warnings: 1 if I remember correctly wouldn’t know if I had more I had dms off

    Reason why you could lift the ban: I use the main server as a trading server updates on ps4 recruitment as well if the recruitment chat in game fails. And I just got back into warframe after quitting for a year and the sister servers ain’t so active cause everyone uses the main server

    What I will make different: I will have dms on but if someone does message me with there own server I might turn them back off. As for picture wise if I see a NSFW picture I’ll crop it so it will be SFW. Or use other SFW pictures I have saved.

    Misc: reason why I had DMs off it cause all servers that iv been in with 3K+ people iv had to many random people try it invite me to there servers which ain’t allowed in most discord channel unless brought to a admin first but most just blatantly message me so I turn dms off.


    Please maintain the labels, otherwise the format looks like a bunch of run-on sentences

  • @tobiah yea my bad I was typing it at 3am last night lol. I put “misc” there as well to explain why I had dms off


    We don't like people inviting like that, so we prefer you communicate with us so we can do something about them.

    In the future, please don't block DMs as it prevents us from communicating discretely with you and from preventing situations like this. You will be unbanned shortly.

  • @tobiah I’ll keep that in mind. And thank you ^^