I got banned with barely any chance to defend myself, you need some new moderators like for real that guy must've had a bad day or something!

  • Username: Realest Nigga
    Discord ID: 4944
    Date(i don't really have i way of checking the time that i know of): 7/18/2018
    Reason Given: not changing name (I was going to but he banned me)
    Warnings Received: basically he told me to change my name another time after the initial change wasn't enough
    Team member: Sintharius
    Explanation: I was actually in the middle of the process of coming up with a new name and changing my name drastically from what it was because replacing the Gs in "Nigga" with Bs (which isn't usually viewed as offensive) wasn't enough even though it was enough in most servers and in game.
    How have i changed: I'm going to immediately change my name without question
    How do i plan on being different: i guess i won't criticize the rules because apparently this is a (as some would say)"Nazi" discord, which basically means you don't except criticism and when you receive it you threaten a ban. All joking aside though, I think my ban was a little sudden all i did was half jokingly say "Nazi discord" before changing my name and your little friend thought it was a good idea to immediately ban me. I don't personally think that's fair seeing as all i was saying was that he should learn to except criticism a little better and that the rules were surprisingly tight.

  • I'm going to assume that replying to your appeal adds to it as that's how it is with most things; anyway, here's a screenshot of what went down. I really don't think this was fair I feel it was very sudden when he could've simply told me to take it more seriously and that he WILL ban me if i continue to not cooperate but instead he instantly banned me.alt text


    We have over 42,000 members on our server. All of them follow the rules and respect the staff members who work tirelessly to keep everything clean and to a set standard for a Partnered Discord server. You earned the ban when you said "Fucking Nazi server". The staff will review your appeal and your result will be posted within the next few days.

    Edit: Also, it's not staff that sits there and picks what is and isn't acceptable for a username. We have a bot with a pre-made list of unacceptable words made by admins. It's the bot that gives us the report and a Moderators job to react to these reports. Your Moderator was doing his job asking you to change your name when you choose to insult the server.

  • but in saying that don't you prove my point? well whatever doesn't matter i just wanted to check out the discord.


    You're more than welcome to check things out, but insulting moderators and the server right after you join doesn't give us a good first impression of you. Rules notwithstanding, in the modern climate, it can get rather dicey to call someone or an institution Nazi so soon after joining, especially given that you were asked a pretty simple question and request.

    Your ban will not be repealed at this time.