Adding in group chats.

  • Hello,
    An idea I came up with was to bring back group chats for the discord users to use with a new update to how the channels would work. If 2+ users are in a group chat they can type a command to lock them such as /lock group number. It would be a vote which would take the majority of group members to actually lock a channel. For instance, if there are 4 people in a group chat it would take 3 people to lock it, if there are 3 people it would take 2 to lock it. Same thing with 2 people as it would take 1 person to lock it. Also, with all of that if there is 1 person in a group channel they will not be able to lock it for trolling purposes. I believe this would stop people from barging in to private discussions and allow the displaced people to leave the public relays to do their own thing with their friends.

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    or people could just use the existing private chats that let you do the same thing already with the chat creator controlling it

  • To me it seems like its more of a private discord call that is on the server more than a squad chat for people to use.