Ban Appeal

  • Discord Username: GoonsWRLD#0275
    Discord ID: 438150709280636928
    Date/Time when ban was issued: 7/10/2018
    Reason given (if any) for the ban: Sending an nsfw mp4 link to a user of this server in DMs
    Warnings received prior to the ban: None applying to this case
    Team member who issued the ban: Shichi#​6811
    Explain why we should lift the ban: Sending the DM wasn't the smartest thing to do and theres alot of cool helpful people in the server. Also I now know not to do stupid things to get banned
    How have you changed since this happened: I have changed by learning that NSFW are not good and the seriousness that they should be treated with and shouldn't send them to anyone. Also I have matured and realized how much of a privilege it was to be in such a great server.
    How do you plan on being different if we lift the ban: I plan on not breaking any rules and enforce and apply them to myself and other if needed , and to to help new players in need seeing that I have become more knowledge about the game and take it more serious I dont want to miss out in being part of a great community.


    sure, i'll unban you for now. if you do it again, the punishment will be permanant.