Console Riven Trading

  • This is a formal request to allow console players to post rivens stats in our respective #trading channels.
    Riven Hub is an absolutely amazing place for everyone to go to and discuss rivens as a collective between all platforms. It's a great place for the majority PC community to sell their rivens also. But, with far less console players on at any given time this is very restrictive for us. I'm not asking for picture permissions which would require moderation, only the ability to post wtb/wts with weapon name and riven stats. Please consider a change for us.
    Thanks for your time and consideration, and thanks for making the server as whole a great place to be for all Tenno.

  • Looking at the population as a whole, the entirety of console users on the server as of now is a total of 3288 members of the 50040 total. That brings it to a total of 6.57% of the total. We also do have a fair few users on consoles that still aren't entirely aware of all the channels, as not all of them have the correct platform roles.

    The current situation is that we won't be allowing riven trading to be done in the #trading channels, mostly because that would require either images to be enabled (this isn't exactly optional when talking about rivens) or link embedding to be enabled. We have attempted this in past both on PC and the Console trading channels, and it has ended disastrously. At the current time, the admins are talking about some amendments being made to the way the hub is segregated, however one main issue arises;

    The reason we keep the hub in one place is because it allows for far more streamlined moderation and rule-enforcement. As can be seen in the hub, there are a fair few rules pertaining to how to post, as well as how to use the channel. I see no problem at all with console users simply adding (XB1) or (PS4) to either their name or their post, so all users have to do is search those in the search box. If we're able to bring the riven guide population up to a high enough level (including regarding console guides) then we may consider separating the channels. At the current time, we do not have the staffing available for this, nor can we simply promote people without seeing that they "know their stuff" well enough.

    This suggestion has been worded differently in past, but the primary concern regarding implementing it is keeping the rules enforced and discussions in the correct locations. The riven-hub isn't the only channel in which specific content is directed, all of those can be seen in #about-this-server.

  • So, that's it? You're the final word here? I had to come here to be given the same bs story? It's a free market, bottom line. I'm only asking to be able to post stats, don't understand why a picture or moderation is necessary to start what can be moved into dm's.

  • You can call it "bs" all you like, you haven't seen the extent of the things we've had to moderate there. I also said that once we can get the Riven Guide population to a higher level, we may consider changing the setup. I would recommend re-reading thoroughly before taking a hostile standpoint.

  • Lol, Riven guides don't moderate the hub and are rarely seen there, yet it runs just fine. Again, you're being obtuse. We don't need moderation to post wts a fucking karak riven. Ya'll need to get over yourselves. Maybe do as you're suggesting and type into the search bar PS4 in:riven-hub and see just what comes up for yourself. You call me angry and hostile, I call it passion and standing up for the small community that you're only making it even harder to exist and gain active numbers.

  • I agree with ipathos, as long as the part of the commuity that exists on console remains small on the server we shouldn't make more chats which would make it harder and more troublesome to moderate.

    And as you said here: Maybe do as you're suggesting and type into the search bar PS4 in:riven-hub and see just what comes up for yourself.
    Having people put in the sales post which platform they're selling on has not been put in the pins or otherwise suggested, which of course would leave the chat mostly void of people doing so.

    I say just wait and see if the console community grows enough for the separate chats to be considered and otherwise not bother with this subject seeing as the answer will always be the same until the console community has grown.