im not a alt -Orang-Man

  • I was recently banned cuz i tried to defend my friend who is not a alt. i have been banned by danish chief for acting too much like a alt i would like to re added/unbanned. my friend Cook-Cook#1700 wants to give proof of not being a alt danish said he heard cook cook say hes a alt that may have been a misunderstanding.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Tell me what you think.

  • Also Danish Chief will not take voice verification he wont let me and cook tell him in voice that we are not alts i need my ban lifted as a bonus i want danish to be more responsive as a moderator you are allowed to take evidence from anyone any time.


    You're not going to be unbanned, as you purposely sought to circumvent this process and our bans with an alt.

    We have had several users corroborate it.

    Also, follow the format, it makes it easier to find information for/on you.

    Feel free to appeal again in 2 weeks after you reconsider joining with alts.