ban appeal

    1. morijin the god of all man#6487
    2. discord id 233510815645302785
    3. date/time a year ago i dont know the exact moment?
    4. reason? I don't know the reason I forget maybe trolling?
    5. Warnings received prior to the ban: 1-2?
    6. Team member who issued the ban: i dont know?
    7. Explain why we should lift the ban: i am a nicer individual and i want to enjoy this community.
      8.How have you changed since this happened: a lot i see the bad in my ways and i have tried to stop trolling i hope you can give me another chance.
    8. How do you plan on being different if we lift the ban: i will try my hardest to help others who are new at the game and enjoy the community.


    Hi! sorry that we hadn't responded yet, you probably noticed the forums were down (my fault!)

    I'm seeing you in our ban list, but you aren't in our logs anywhere with that name.

    did you have a different username at that time, and if so, could you add that to the appeal? thanks!

    Edit: From what I can find, you were pinging [DE]Rebecca and had no qualms about doing so....
    If you are willing to change this and be better, I'm willing to unban you.


    hi morijin, still haven't heard back from you about any other possible names, cause we're not finding you


    I've found some of your older posts, but i am seeing a lot of posts about you wanting to be special, and you got the very special muted role. and eventually the elite status of being banned.

    I'll unban you shortly, but please be aware that further conduct similar to this will bring a harsher punishment now that you have said you won't continue it.