Ban Appeal: Truetiming

  • Discord Username: BlazingSpitfire

    Discord ID:#329620021095432194

    Date/Time when ban was issued:
    About 20 days ago.
    Reason given (if any) for the ban:
    Messaged one of the mods after i was muted, and basically told them to "join the rebel alliance", and to leave the communist/facist discord server for a better diplomacy 😕
    Warnings received prior to the ban:
    Was muted for bringing up a very wrong lore previously, including why we should have baby tenno dlc (wasn't even kidding at the time, spent hours debating it in #discussion)
    Team member who issued the ban:
    Parrot Lord
    Explain why we should lift the ban:
    I've since actually played the game and invested money, and 20 days after I understand that baby tenno's are literally not possible, since the operators are not inside the warframes, they only command it. Turns out, a lot of my "critical points" were waaay off, and i understand that in order to join a discussion, I should be well informed about what im discussing about. Unfortunatley i dove right ahead with a theory i thought was very sensible. Thankfully I've also been in contact with the mod, who was incredibly helpful.
    How have you changed since this happened:
    I understand even though the warframe server is "unofficial", it does have very real people who have to take action and spend time to deal with people like me. I did cause a major ruckus within #discussion, having several people go against me. When i was muted i further didn't understand, and attacked the mod who said my theory was illogical. I've since been in contact with the mod, and I've tried my best to explain my actions and why i did them, and I apologized for the hassle.
    How do you plan on being different if we lift the ban:
    For one, definitley simmer down. I needlessly spent hours on something that was so incorrect, that now after getting to neptune i realized that i was so far from the truth. Baby tennos are not a possible thing, and all the graphs i did meant shit. Warframes dont have people in it, which people even explicitly told me in #discussion, but i brushed them off. I thought i was better since i bought a loki frame with money. Which it turns out thats also something i will never do. If I don't get unbanned, that's fine. But i definitely want to give props to one of your mods, Fran. I added him after the ban and this guy seriously helped me out even when i was mad about getting banned. I tried so hard to crack this guy and talk shit, but Mr. Rogers over there just kept asking how he can help out. In fact the only reason why I'm here to appeal is cause of him. His birthdays coming up and you lads should really give him a promotion tbh.


    Hi! Sorry for the slightly delayed reply, at this time, I don't think we're ready to unban. At present, your actions' repercussions are still leaving us pretty raw, so I think for now, we'd prefer that you appeal again in 2 more weeks, ad we will revisit it.

    I'm glad that you have had a good talk with Fran and have spent time growing from it, we just have to be pretty careful about unbanning after such pretty extreme levels of vitriol.

  • Fair enough. Thanks.