The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.4.2

  • The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.4.2

    Capture Mission Changes:
    Capture Targets now have a 1 minute Bleedout timer after being downed for 30 seconds, upon which Lotus will now alert you that you’re running out of time to capture the Target. Capture missions had become an unofficial Endless mission with the tactic of leaving the Target squirming on the ground for hours while players dealt with the never-ending horde of enemies. The Bleedout timer has been added as a countermeasure to fix the unintended Endless Capture missions.

    Phahd Scaffold Changes & Fixes:

    • Fixed the Phahd Scaffold projectiles not passing through Volt’s Electric Shield.* Fixed the projectile only bouncing 3 times for the Host and 20 for Clients by adjusting to 10 max bounces for both Hosts and Clients.* Fixed receiving an unintended boost to Damage, Crit Chance, Crit Damage and Status Chance. Adjusted to its intended (Gilded) stats of:* 3000 Damage on Impact* 5 meter 3100 radial Damage with no fall off on detonation/last bounce* Knock Down added to radial Damage* 12% Status Chance* 34% Critical Chance* 2.6x Critical Damage


    • As previously stated in 23.4.1, we have changed the Spawn chances of Cephalon Fragments if you don't have your Personal Quarters unlocked, to a 100% chance of a Cephalon Fragment spawning, instead of 50/50.* The Frame Fighter Warframe select screen now displays all Warframes, with the unscanned ones locked and with the addition of hints on which planet you can find the Fragments on.* Excalibur Umbra no longer requires a Fragment Scan to unlock for Frame Fighter. He will be available upon completing The Sacrifice quest.* Improvements towards the Ki’Teer Sekhara being placed at your feet when equipping it.* Still working on other wonky issues with placement.


    • More fixes towards numerous issues (crashes, game didn’t start, etc) when attempting to play Frame Fighter due to the 2-player restriction being surpassed.* Fixed sometimes not being able to Gild your Mote Amp.* Fixed Inner Gaze (Madurai) appling an added bonus and not a percentage bonus like it details in the description.* Fixed the Dax Nikana Skin not properly applying the chosen Energy color.* Fixed inability to select Maple Trees to contribute/delete/move once placed in the Dojo.* Fixed wrong icon being used on the Frame Fighter Poster.* Fixed volume being too low on Shield and Health bullet impacts.