Bam Appeal

  • Discord Username: Unpopular Opinions
    Discord ID: 418104263907082240
    Date/Time of ban: Around 7/25/18
    Reasons given for ban: Multiple attempts at pushing rule boundaries in a short amount of time, did not cease after warning
    Warnings received prior to ban: Can’t remember
    Team member that issued ban: Sintharius
    Explain why we should lift the ban: Because now that the Sad Tree guy is gone I have no reason to act like I was before over my pfps and I don’t even use those pfps anymore anyway so it’s chill now
    How have I changed since the ban: Well as a person I haven’t gonna be honest but I mean I’m just not doing the whole pfp thing like I was before which was the entire thing that started my problem kind of
    How do I plan of being different if we lift the ban: I’m just not gonna do the pfp stuff I was before and I won’t post the things I was in chat before like the “suicide” memes


    @unpopopinions said in Bam Appeal:


    You'll be unbanned shortly

  • @tobiah Thank you