Mask of the Revenant: Hotfix 23.6.1

  • Additions:

    • Added common resource beam FX to the Trembera Essence pickup.


    • Fixed mission nodes being unlocked and playable on unlocked but incomplete planets as per:* Fixed special NPCs making an appearance in the new Strata Relay appearing invisible. You may now actually see the source of the voices you've been hearing after you unlock the Relay in The Pyrus Project.* Fixed players skipping the contribution phase of the Pyrus Project (and missing out on some surprise stuff as a result) by preventing players from joining in the final mission via the friends list.* Fixed missing textures on bushes in new Strata Relay.* Potential fix for crash on host migration in Onslaught.* Fixed some LOC for Strata Relay.

    Mask of the Revenant fixes:

    • Fixed being unable to start the Revenant miniquest immediately after reaching Rank 2 with the Quills without leaving Cetus and returning.* Fixed player who used the Shrine context action not receiving Fragment while in a squad.* Fixed Fragment context action remaining visible after being used.

    The Pyrus Project Spoilers:

    Spoiler* Temporarily removed Zylok Pistol from Conclave Arsenal so that it may receive the proper PvP treatment.

    Note on Revenant changes:
    We will be closely monitoring feedback channels on recent Revenant changes and will continue discussion next week. Thank you!