Mask of the Revenant: Hotfix 23.8.1

  • Changes:

    • Changed GPU Particles low/medium/high quality preset from disabled/low/medium to disabled/low/high.* Revenant Mesmer smoke effect is now only seen on yourself, not other players, to improve performance and visibility.* Clans will now ignore players who have been inactive for more than 30 days when automatically choosing a Founding Warlord (Note: this is not retroactive for Clans that have already selected one).* Made some micro-optimizations to Visibility and Zoning.* Made some micro-optimizations to the Graphics and Sound drivers.


    • Fixed an issue with lingering FX resulting from Revenant frequently using Reave and Danse Macabre.* Fixed Zephyr Prime left wings clipping into her arm.* Fixed a script error when trying to enter 2FA code with on screen keyboard.* Fixed Low particle quality setting stopping Warding Halo effect from spinning.* Fixed the Y button callout for opening match making drop down showing on teammates as well.* Fixed a script error with Divine Spears.* Fixed a script error with Warding Halo.* Fixed a script error with Danse Macabre.* Fixed a script error with Enthrall.* Fixed Blazing Chakram giving health/energy orbs from corpses.* Fixed a script error that could occur while trading.* Fixed Empyrean diorama not showing impaled enemies on spears and missing FX.