Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.2

  • Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.2

    Please note that Operator cosmetic issues are known and the team are working to smooth out these wrinkles. Earliest ETA on fixes for these are Monday - please continue to point your Chimera issues to our Megathread:

    Missed QoL Change:
    You can now swap your A B C Appearance loadout order in the Arsenal!


    • Heavy Blade and Hammer Zaws now have a Range of 3 meters which should fix the continued inconsistency since the Mainline.* Restored Venka Prime's 0.75 Melee Combo Multiplier.* Removed the requirement to be higher than Initiate to replicate Clan Research - further review of this initial change is required.* Reduced some distortion on Radiation Status FX.* Removed some unnecessary sounds from the Daily Tribute UI.* Removed an extra Icon on the Dojo minimap.* Minor sounds mix adjustments to Melee slide attack / heavy attack / slam attack.


    • We have live fixed Arbitration missions rewarding the incorrect amount of Vitus Essence at End Of Mission, and inability to complete the Mastery Rank 26 test.* Fixes towards a crash related to Discord. Much love to Discord for diagnosing and implementing the fix!* Fixed a crash that occurred after a Host migration if you had an active Specter.* Fixed a crash when joining a Lunaro match.* Fixed a crash when attempting to Grab in Frame Fighter.* Fixed earning multiple Ayatan Statues in an Arbitrations mission, but only receiving one once returning to your ship.* Fixed Defectors falling through the floor in the Corship Ship Defection tileset, resulting in inability to extract.* Fixed Defection missions not spawning the correct number of Colonists, and therefore not counting rescued squads correctly.* Fixed < and > characters causing input boxes (search bars, password, etc) to break.* Fixed the Cetus tower appearing too large in the Star Chart.* Fixed Blast Status FX showing on invisible weapons.* Fixed Grineer Flameblades freezing up in animations when dropping from the Dropship in the Plains.* Fixed some weapons (Cronus Prime, Deimos Claw Skin, etc) having an incredibly long weapon trail FX.* Fixed skyboxes unintentionally getting too dark when turning FX settings down in the Options.* Fixed a script error when casting Nova’s Null Star ability.* Fixed a script error when casting Revenant’s Mesmer Skin ability.* Fixed a script error when casting Nezha’s Warding Halo ability.