Running a school bus for new plays

  • Just a players humble thought and feelings.

    I have been seeing a lot off new players are not been given a complete experience with learning.

    I have also seeing a lot a returning players and veteran players giving a new player over power weapons and frames for or at there level.
    - I think this need to be look into this.
    - A player needs to experience the game.

    What I have all so seen is that new player don't know were to go and what staff to see in discord if then need to complain or to query.
    - This need to be look at.

    A new player should be given the choice whether they want to be carried or for the returning players and veteran players to teach how to do the mission.

    What would be involved in this:

    • Helping new players do like spy missions.
    • Helping new players mod.
      • Warframes / Archwings.
      • Weapons.
        • Primary
        • Secondary
        • Melee
      • Sentinals / Campanions
    • Helping players through the movement system down.
      • Movements.
      • Short cuts.
    • Helping them use the chat functions.
      • Both in Game and in discord.
    • Also teaching them where secret rooms are.
    • Teaching mission etiquette.
      • how long you stay in a survival mission. eg ( 20min )
      • How many waves you stay in a defence. eg ( 20wave )
      • Don't start the mission timer.
    • Also Teaching Trade chat etiquette.


    Sounds pretty cool to me. Could always collab with Raid SB to get tips on pulling people in, and ask for some help from teachers from both Tenno Guides and from our partners at WF University.