Ban Apeal Georgeandsheep

  • I am new to this but i would like to be unbanned. This is my first ban. What happened was i blew into my mic and hit it. Then an admin said you should probably stop. So then i stopped. Then a minute later I was banned. I would really like to be unbanned. Thank you for reading my appeal. My discord username is Georgeandsheep and my tag is 0507 i do not know when this happened

  • Hi there @Georgeandsheep, I've contacted the moderator who applied the ban and they will be in contact with you. Thanks!


    Hello @Georgeandsheep,
    I applied your ban. In the time surrounding your ban, you w ere warned at least twice by another moderator, as well as twice by myself. After asking you to stop the second time, you persisted in both causing noise on your microphone. I know you were able to speak because you responded to us several times.

    At present, I would not recommend the ban be lifted, because it doesn't seem that you acknowledge doing anything wrong and have no plan for redress or rehabilitation.

    I hope you have a splendid day regardless.

    Attached is the ban note from the action log.


  • I know not to do that anymore. So can i be unbanned?

  • Your denial and your refusal to accept and apologise for what you have done in our server as a toxic person will not excuse your ban. You shall be banned with no chance to repeal your punishment. Follow our guidelines to make a ban appeasement as well.