Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.1

  • Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.1

    General Additions:

    • Added Fortuna Resources to common containers found throughout Vallis.


    • Removed unintended ability to use the K-Drive in the Fortuna elevator.* Reduced Corpus reinforcement delay in Orb Vallis Exterminate missions.* Slight increase to AI spawns in Drone Defense missions when playing Solo.* Companions will now teleport to you immediately after you dismount from Archwing or a K-Drive (if you’re in a safe zone).* Synth Charge Mod no longer applies to Pistols with < 5 Ammo Magazines (Knell, etc). Mod description has been updated to reflect the ‘Requires Magazine 5 or higher’ restriction.* Patched a hole in the Orb Vallis Research Facility floor and improved the lighting.* Removed K-Drive Mods from Boosters and the Transmutation table.* Removed random Ayatan Sculptures from Orb Vallis Cache Hunts rewards.* Improvements towards Eudico’s idle movements.* Little Duck now restricts who can visit her.


    • Fixed a crash when pressing a Gear Hotkey for a slot that has no item.* Fixed a crash when attempting to return to Fortuna from Orb Vallis.* Fixes towards Rescue Vallis Bounty breaking when a Host migration occurred during the Defense phase.* Fixed Boon missing from certain K-Drive race locations in Orb Vallis.* Fixed a case of having permanent ability block if you get on K-Drive in certain areas near the Fortuna elevator.* Fixed a bug that could leave invincible enemies from Garuda’s Blood Altar that would prevent things like Defense missions from progressing.* Fixed K-Drives ignoring lasers and not triggering alarms.* Fixed issue where some Terra variants would sometimes target the wrong target with their beam attack.* Fixed K-Drive not being immune during a certain phase of the Vox Solaris quest.* Fixed getting stuck on your K-Drive in a certain pile of rocks in Vallis.* Fixes towards seeing poor lighting in Vallis that resulted in the ground appearing black.* Fixed Lure's not working when Master Volume is muted in Orb Vallis.* Fixed foliage textures out in Orb Vallis.* Fixed some sounds for the Vulcax.* Fixed some Operator Suit texture clipping.* Fixed a script error when a boss reinforcement occurs in Orb Vallis.* Fixed a script error when casting Garuda’s Seeking Talon ability.