Might as well be the first to appeal a temp. ban. (For the sake of clarity.)

  • Discord Username: DirtyGingy#0001
    Discord ID: 81265704338202624
    Date/Time when ban was issued: 14 Nov. 2018 5:40:04 AM
    Reason given (if any) for the ban: None.
    Warnings received prior to the ban: None. (In regards to the ban.)
    Team member who issued the ban: ThatCreepyRock
    Explain why we should lift the ban: See all available information below.
    How have you changed since this happened: N/A Given current information and will be considered.
    How do you plan on being different if we lift the ban: Its a temp. ban, I doubt it will be lifted, but this does need review at least. We can coordinate as needed.

    This was the only staff interaction prior to the ban

    I also wanted to discuss my infractions since I have several long standing ones that I have needed to dispute. So, I spoke with Misan about them and she was kind enough to provide me with the list as it stands. Here they are.

    Let's break it down one by one in order of appearance on the list from bottom to top. You do as you see fit with the info provided. But I ask my record be scrubbed where it should not apply.

    7/19/2018, 9:35:38 AM: "Posting disturbing images along with excessive gore..."
    This was me posting images from the creepy cubreddit So long as I felt they complied with rule 4. The sticking point was this pikachu (definitely creepy, but no gore.)

    5/13/2018, 5:45:19 AM: I have a studio condenser microphone. If I get close to it, it sounds deep, warm, and a little close to your ears. If that bothers anyone, they are welcome to tell me. I don't remember being talked to about this.

    4/3/2018, 11:10:28 PM
    4/3/2018, 11:11:32 PM
    : I was alone in a private text channel when the channel creation command (/create) used to make a private text channel as well. I was trying to make goofy grids of blob emoji for the two other people actively there with me. Yeah, please remove.

    2/13/2018, 8:35:51 PM: "Encouraging sexual discussions about butts."
    This was MrBubbleSS. I was there, I heard the entire conversation. I know how MrBubbleSS was as a person. He's a great guy, but very conservative. I was in the channel and silently listened and held my breath as nearly the entire channel had an entire sexual conversation about butt plugs. I knew better. MrBubbleSS waited for about a minute and then screamed, not yelled, but screamed over everyone about how they shouldn't have sexual conversation on the server. Looks like he filed me under this one. Please remove.

    8/27/2018, 11:33:09 PM: "Telling a moderator trying to control a VC situation to shut up"
    This was Parrot Lord's second day as moderator. Back before he changed his account name to Parrot Lord. The long and the short of it is that there was excessive yelling over each other in the voice channel we were both in as we were trying to help someone asking a Warframe related question. I was trying to help answer the question. Someone kept talking over me as I did so. I off-handedly said "shut up" to them without realizing it was him. I then apologized immediately. It seems he types rather fast though. Handle this one as you see fit.

    8/27/2018, 11:34:19 PM: "Inconsiderate comment about another user's disorder."
    Same exact situation from above. I believe I had also said "stop being retarded" to someone else in the chat. No idea if they have a disorder, but I'll own saying it. Do with this as you will.

    9/13/2017, 12:14:25 AM: "Warned to not post pictures advocating violence..."
    Here is the image in question. Its a joke made between consenting adults and, while admittedly a bad joke, I still maintain is completely within server rules. Would you mind double checking this?

    9/11/2018, 7:59:30 PM: "Swallowing mic"
    Probably. Likely was trying to say something in voice chat and was repetitively being spoken over. In frustration, speaking close to a sensitive mic does help people like that hear that you're talking. My bad.

    10/12/2018, 3:03:27 AM: "Pushing boundaries, not adhering to it when told to stop posting borderline content."
    There's a lot to this one and I'm happy to discuss it if needed, but in the end I ended up crossing the line it seems. I'll own up to it.

    10/30/2018, 8:22:55 PM
    10/30/2018, 8:22:55 PM:
    "Censor: found blacklisted words cunt"
    Not a word I typically use. Like, really. Just not a fan of the word. Misan mentioned that she can't find anything in the bot log related to it. Honestly no idea. I already know its just a clean up and not an actual rule violation. Of course, double post. Clean up please?

    11/14/2018, 5?:40:04 AM: "Repeatedly pushing boundaries on NSFW content and image-spam, didn't seem to take his previous warnings that seriously."
    Relinking the chat log associated. At least I think its associated. I hadn't done anything in about 2 weeks worth being spoken to about. So, consider me confused. Its the reason I'm here right now anyway. And to be honest, This doesn't feel right. I have a decent sense of when I fuck up. I'll gladly admit my mistakes. I know I am generally a bit of a dick. But I'm also a reasonable dick. I'm not upset, angry, or even all that emotional about it. I'm just sitting here willing to talk and listen. I have always been willing to work with staff on how I interact with the community in general.


    I mentioned this last night in voice as well, that you need to cool off on a lot of the stuff you post. Others have been cracked down on for the same.

    Working from the bottom up:

    • if shichi agrees, i'll remove the final one
    • censored cunt: I'm not finding additional evidence on it, that one can go
    • pushing boundaries: doesn't need discussion, i've been there more than once when this was the case
    • swallowing mic: ^
    • violence: "jokes" between consenting adults that violate the server rules are still in violation of the server rules, you don't get to skirt by it on "consent"
    • calling someone a retard: you should've gotten this just for calling them that
    • yelling, telling a moderator to shut up: typically, it's considered a bad idea to add to the noise when there's an issue. when there's a fire in a theater, don't yell at people where the fire extinguisher is, grab it or call the fire department.
    • butts: MrBubbleSS, as he brought up over and over in discussion, could honestly care less about what most people talked about, but adhered to the rules and did his best to help others do so. This will not be removed.
    • spam: spam detection is there to stop spam. if you were spamming, it caught you.
    • asmr: (edited in) sorry i forgot this the first time. I've personally asked you not to. the mild ones like when you do moist are fine, because you aren't usually quite as loud, but i've also been there and asked you verbally to stop when you chose to get a bit louder or more "slurpy" with it, and those did get creepy.
    • gore: it's pretty clear in rule #1 that if a mod asks you to stop, you need to do so. the rules are not there for you to interpret as you choose.

  • @tobiah thanks for the follow up. Just wanted to clarify on the butts one. I had no part of that conversation and did not participate. I know that it's a one sided thing. Just wanted to make that clear.


    After reviewing with some of the mods in question, your final one from this morning will stand, that was separate from the unlogged warning that shichi discussed and resolved privately with you.

  • @tobiah You're talking about the temp. ban, right? Because, as far as I know, I did nothing that day. It all seemed very out of the blue.