2nd chances please

  • Discord Username : Fhoo#5629

    Discord ID: 241318000475635712

    Date/Time when ban was issued : Around July 2018

    Reason given (if any) for the ban : Raid and using bot for pinging @eveyone

    Warnings received prior to the ban : I got no warning

    Team member who issued the ban : Volt#0001

    Explain why we should lift the ban : This is the first and only time that I ever got banned from anything. For the whole of my life I always trying to be good people. But the last time I remember what causing me got banned, is that I'm spamming a few "REEE" cause of the bot keep pinging "@everyone" while I'm in bad timing in the middle of a bad game. And because of my stupid decision, I got bit mad and I send a few "REEE" spam, that got me banned. But I can assure you one thing, that I'm not the one who make the bot keep pinging "@everyone". And everyday after the banned issued, I can only see other warframe channel but not the official, it's make me feel so bad bout myself.

    How have you changed since this happened : I don't know if I've changed or nah. But for the whole life I always trying to avoid any bad thing. Even it's on the game online.

    How do you plan on being different if we lift the ban : One thing that I would plan is that I would never ever again doing anything that can cause me banned. Cause this ban got me really sad, that the game I love so much and I've play the most but I can't join the discord.


    hello, you'll be unbanned shortly

  • Thank you so much