Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.1 +

  • Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.1

    This Hotfix includes continued performance optimizations across the whole game -- with some specifics to K-Drive and Texture Streaming (it now reacts more quickly with a lower performance cost).


    • Improvements towards the Zamarui Gara Skin glass material to fix brightness/lighting discrepancies.* Increased frequency of Rare Gems in Smokefinger’s Offerings.* Vallis Pigments will now also drop from Elite and Eximus Terra Variants.* Improvements to prevent fish spawning inside solid geometry in caves.

    Conservation Changes & Fixes:

    • Removed The Business’ unnecessary VO of "You need to practice the Echo-Lure more" when the animal escapes.* Fixes towards potential cases where animal tracks don't appear.* More fixes towards an animal appearing to be left behind when two players attempt to collect it at the same time.* Fixed animals potentially spawning way too far away from the call point.* Fixed Kubrow and Kavat Companions sometimes attacking/using abilities on animals.* Fixed some Orb Vallis fungus covering up animal tracks.


    • Fixed a loss of functionality that resulted in a progression stop in The War Within quest.* Fixed inability to Capture a Corpus Camp in Orb Vallis due to no Datamass dropping if the last Bounty stage occurred in that Camp.* Fixed further inability to Capture a Corpus Camp in Orb Vallis due to Datamasses not spawning if an Eximus enemy didn't spawn at the Camp.* Fixed Nekros’ Desecrate duplicating Orb Vallis Base Capture Datamasses.* Fixed Client's inability to see the hackable console inside Orb Vallis Caches; which you can initiate to reveal more precise locations of other Caches! This console has an increased chance of appearing the more time passes in the Cache Bounty stage.* Fixed Clients getting booted from a squad if the Bounty is accepted after the Host chooses one.* Fixed all Glaives not bouncing between robotic enemies as reported here:* Fixed MOA Companions spawning dead in Submersible missions.* Fixed struggles to pick up Ayatan Stars from inside Orb Vallis Caches.* Fixed cases where destroying a Dropship immediately after spawning in Orb Vallis would result in loot being suspended in the air.* Fixed all Equinox Skins not displaying correctly when in Archwing.* Fixed floppy cloth on the Equinox Divisa Helmet dangles.* Fixed Ventkid VO appearing outside their clubhouse before Vox Solaris quest completion.* Fixed missing Golden Maw FX in The War Within quest.* Fixed lingering Bounty objective HUD in Orb Vallis.* Fixes towards Eudico’s apron cloth clipping.* Fixed incorrect Sugatra offsets on the Guandao polearm.* Fixed a script error when casting Mag’s Magnetize ability.

    Fortuna: Hotfix


    • Reverted some K-Drive performance improvements in order to fix rampant K-Drive crash as a result. More stable performance improvements will come from further testing.


    • Fixed Arcane Victory not triggering when using a Primary weapon.* Fixed Pax Seeker projectiles not showing up for Clients.