Cloudy's Fashion Cash-In


    Guess what tenno, It is that time of year!
    It is time for the captura fashion showdown of the whatever you call it, it doesn't really matter.

    This will be a 5 Part Fashion Contest!
    1st Part = Warframe
    2nd Part = Operator
    3rd Part = Moa or Sentinel
    4th Part = Kavat/Kubrow/Helminth Charger
    5th Part = Orbiter Decorations (Ikea frame)

    There will be one winner for each section. Each winner will get a color palette of their choice. and The Warframe Community Discord Glyph
    You DO NOT have to use holiday themes, this is just a normal fashion contest that happens to be right before the holidays.

    The rules for each section will be included on that specific submission page.
    Submissions will be closed December 20th

    Click the Hyperlink to go to each Specific Challenge
    Good luck Tenno! The clock is ticking!