Ban was unfair

  • Hi um i was banned for harassing a staff member but all i was trying to do was get fair treatment for me and the ones who instagated the mess in the first place because in real life if one person gets in trouble everyone involved does and he refused which makes this ban unreasonable especially seeing as i asked even e owner of the group to do that and i was muted bc i wouldnt stop and i have a learning disability that makes stopping when i say i did something and they tell me i didnt i can not stop when someone does that until they stop which means that if im getting banned they should because its only fair and a few of e admins were involved in feeding the situation instead of stopping the ones who were attacking me and i do count this as unfair and in a court of law if this were a case me and everyone else involved would be the ones paying not just me

  • @seras4713 the time was today at 6:21 pm mountain time on Thursday june 8th by -misan- i was given warnings to stop but i was the only one who was being told what i did was not possible it wasnt til after the admins had said stop that some started saying it was a bug but there were others who kept saying i did not do what i had said and after telling an admin that the only way i can stop because of my learning disability which is a form of autism i cannot stop my processes because it is how ive had to be my whole life because i have had no one to help so they were asking me to change something that i have tried to change about myself the entire 25 years ive been alive so if people say i didnt do something of course im gonna react if i did do what they said i did or vice versa now im not using my disability as an excuse but is it really fair for people to block one person when he wasnt the sole person doing stuff

  • @seras4713 and my user on the discord was VeraLee(seras4713 warframe)


    Hello, @seras4713. In order for your ban to be read, it is required that you post your appeal in the following format:

    Thank you.