Ban appeal/

  • Discord Username:LilacLizard#0581

    Discord ID: 188345525056176128

    Date/Time when ban was issued:19/11/2018

    Reason given (if any) for the ban :Posting priest pedophilia memes in off topic

    Warnings received prior to the ban: None, however, I was already on thin ice so this is understandable.

    Team member who issued the ban: Spectrops#2265

    Explain why we should lift the ban: I understand that what I did could offend or upset some people, however, I was not aware that that was a bannable offense or an offense entirely. In the future, when I am going to post an image on the discord, I will make sure it is 100% ok. I will make sure that nothing like this happens again. I have really missed the server and the community since I have been banned and really want to be able to come back again. What I did was not of malicious intent, I was just to have some fun and make a joke while others were making similar jokes in off-topic. Other than this, since my first unban, there have been no incidents and no one upset with something I have done.

    How have you changed since this happened: I have thought through ways so this does not happen again and among other things, I will only post images/text if I am 100% sure it's ok. I will check the rules once a week to stay updated with them and will do my best to keep everything server appropriate

    How do you plan on being different if we lift the ban: I plan on making sure I don't post anything that might upset people, helping others/newer players and on having fun with other people.

    I miss a lot of good times I had on the server and hope something like this doesn't happen again. I know I have already been banned once before but up until I got banned, everything was going a lot better. I hope you can understand and give me a second, second chance. Many thanks, keep up the good work, and have a nice day!


    Not reading the rules is not a reason to be unbanned. You will remain banned until you are sorry for what you did, and not attempting to make excuses.

    Priest pedophilia memes are offensive and malicious.

  • @tobiah I am sorry if this came across as me not being sorry. I am sorry for what I did and am not trying to say I did nothing wrong because I did not know it was against the rules. It was my fault for not knowing the rules and I take responsibility for that. I did not mean to try to excuse my self; I am not the best at writing these sorts of things. Have a good day.

  • @tobiah
    What do I need to do to prove I am sorry?


    You've already been unbanned once, you don't get more chances.

  • @tobiah What about in something like 2 months?


    "not getting more chances" doesn't mean "not getting more chances right now". we act on helping people who have shown an improvement in how they interact with people if they have shown that they're better on other servers as well.

  • Everything was going way better than before. I made one mistake. Does that not show improvement?