Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.3

  • Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.3


    • Improved the accuracy of the in-game FPS counter and made made numerous improvements to the Max Framerate setting as described here:* Made numerous optimizations to enemy/NPC navigation and included additional optimizations for modern CPUs with F16C instructions* Tweaked audio delay to Eudico’s Bounty transmission.* Tweaked audio of Nef’s billboard lines.* Enthrall can now be used while on Ziplines.* Mining results now use the themed resource icon if available.

    Garuda Changes & Fixes:

    • Capped Garuda's Dread Mirror and Blood Altar dashes to 150m/s max. No more going going 42km/s anymore.* Fixed Dread Mirror’s dash causing players to get stuck.* Fixed delay between the end of Garuda's Seeking Talons release animation and being able to charge her Dread Mirror.* Fixed a crash while Garuda siphons blood.* Fixed (maybe) Blood Altar and Dread Mirror falling through the floor.* Fixed Garuda Dread Mirror failing to cast because of TARGET OBSTRUCTED when the leap into the air would clear whatever obstruction was blocking her.* Fixed Seeking Talons not being cancelled by Stalker.


    • Fixed a memory leak in the gear wheel that would degrade performance the more often you used it* Fixed non-energy draining abilities getting canceled when riding vehicles.* Fixed Wraith spin beam removing invulnerability.* Fixed terrain clipping in Connector 13 of Grineer Settlement tileset.* Fixed some types of camera shake ignoring the view shake option.* Fixed Companions orbiting around you sometimes when you stop moving.* Fixed rushing forward with zero input when equipping Archwing.* Fixed enemies having trouble entering cover.* Fixed certain melee sounds that were playing when using abilities in Operator mode.* Fixed choppy automatic weapon fire sound playback* Fixed Champion of the People challenge not working as advertised.* Fixed Thurible loop sound to stop playing if you get killed while using the ability.* Fixed issue where lures/tranq rifle gear items were getting into bad anim states.* Fixed the Hades Tonfa skin not applying the correct material to the flame.* Fixed Kitguns not creating tracers and other effects after exiting Submersible Archwing.* Fixed the behavior of the Max Framerate setting: when Vertical Sync is enabled the Max Framerate has always been locked to the Refresh Rate and the UI now shows this properly.* Fixed K-Drive GrindSwap trick not triggering when jumping from rail while grinding.* Fixed a crash that could occur when loading into Orb Vallis.* Fixed non-EMP fishing spears ignoring the reset condition on the "Catch X fish without missing a throw" riven challenge* Fixed dropship passengers getting frozen mid air.* Fixed Oxylus Lifeform precept not showing Kubrodon points.* Fixed ‘Stay Frosty’ Challenge being impossible due to K-Drive height calculations.* Fixed launcher crashes related to high-resolution displays.* Fixed missing chain dangle on the Hades Tonfa skin.* Fixed missing lightmap info on some cave water planes.* Fixed Cryotra only firing at targets within its firing range.* Fixed a script error that could occur in the Ayatan Treasure screen.* Fix to Howl and Nekros’ Terrify sometimes not making the target run away in the Plains or Vallis.* Fixed invisible hazard bubbles in Hive missions.* Fixed a loot crate that was under the floor in Grineer Shipyards tileset.* Fixed gory nano particle effects not being hidden when gore is disabled.