Fortuna: Mesa Prime - Hotfix 24.2.3

  • Fortuna: Mesa Prime - Hotfix 24.2.3

    Profit-Taker Bounty Changes & Fixes:

    • Replaced the Profit-Taker Phase 4 Vaulted Relic reward with a Mesa Prime Relic.* Increased the reward chance of Gyromag, Atmo and Repeller Systems from Profit-Taker Bounties.* Operators can now switch the Profit-Taker’s Shield type regardless of the damage type of the equipped Amp.* Lowered spawn chances and max simultaneous counts of Nullifier Shield Ospreys and the Fluctus carrying Terra Manker during the Profit-Taker end fight.* Tweaks towards Eudico’s Profit-Taker Bounty transmissions.* Fixed ability to kill the Profit-Taker during Phase 3 of the Profit-Taker Bounty.* Fixed certain Profit-Taker abilities and leg Electricity damaging Limbo when in the Rift.* Fixed missing Transmissions for "Stealing Tech" Profit-Taker Bounty.* Fixed an issue with 'Back Room' holograms not being replicated properly based on Heist phase.


    • The Bloodshed Sigil will show up in Relays/Liset provided you're returning from a mission where you took damage (more damage = more blood). We have also decreased the time it takes to appear by 20%!* Changed the hit effect sound to the Corpus Exard Scaffold.* Removed the ‘Prime Toggle’ for Mesa Prime and her TennoGen Skins due to an overly aggressive and not-so-glamorous overlap of her Prime accessories.* Tweaks towards the ‘Fluid Mechanics’ Orb Vallis ambient music track.


    • Fixed a crash that occurred when switching to your Arch-Gun with a Smeeta Kavat active.* Fixed an issue with Mesa Prime's Shatter Shield being too bright in some levels.* Fixed certain Operator Hoods not hiding Hair/Accessories when ‘open’.* Fixed a script error that could occur if you died and revived shortly after casting Baruuk's Lull, resulting in affected enemies being permanently asleep.* Fixed Titania's Tribute not actually costing 25 Energy as was intended in Update 24.2.0.* Fixed inability to bring more than 1 Pheromone Synthesizers. You can now bring up to 100!* Fixed Nightmare Alerts not being called out as such in World State Window.* Fixes towards a bad frozen Raknoid animation.* Fixed the Exergis not actually shattering the crystal.* Fixed missing textures for Operator Hair that include a hair band.* Fixed the camera zooming out when hovering over ‘Hair Tips’ in the Operator Appearance Arsenal.* Fixed the Adaptation Mod showing a Corrosive Damage Icon instead of the correct Tau Resistance in the HUD.* Fixed missing sounds when typing into search fields.* Fixed missing equip and unequip sounds on the Falcor.* Fixed missing Charged Explosion sounds for the Glaive/Glaive Prime.* Fixed occasional missing reload sounds for the Corinth.* Fixed a script error in the Invite panel screen.* Fixed MOA Companions Security Override Precept not turning off radio towers on the Plains of Eidolon.* Fixed Dropship Turrets not firing from alternating barrels.* Fixes towards Host migrations during a mission load causing issues.* Fixed an issue with new hair having collision fixes which could impact performance, but also allow stacking ... which was fun, but sadly had to go.

    Conclave Fixes:

    • Fixed every Warframe ability costing 25 Energy in Conclave.