ban appeal : bropsycho#2040

  • username: bropsycho#2040 , 226308504439357440 , time of ban : 11-01-2019, 5.18AM (Bangladesh local time +6.00 ) discord name: BroPsycho
    reason for ban : i shared some other discord link with someone who reported me as a spam bot in warframe discord server, thats why i am banned , but i did not post any spam link in warframe discord ,

    no warning received , straight ban
    You have been banned for dm advertising by Tobiah#​0001.
    i dont know i was drunk , but i still remember i did not post any link in discord i just sent a direct massage to someone related to warframe that cause me ban ,
    i wont do that again , if u keep the ban on me i can make multiple discord id but the thing is im too lazy to do so , i promise it wont happen again as im going to decrease the interaction with high level players and partners. ty


    Please follow the format. Your appeal will not be considered until you do.


    You still haven't followeed the format, you can re-appeal in 2 weeks.