Ban Appeal : Aron#2707

  • *Discord Name : Aron#2707
    *Discord ID:234713818498859008c
    *Date was banned : 0 idea it was a year ago in febuary i think
    *Reason: i left the server before being muted
    *Warnings: cant remember
    *Team member issued the ban: i also dont know that either
    *Explain why it should be lifted : i didnt realise what i did a year ago in this discord but im sorry that i left so i could avoid a mute , it was a year ago so i hope u can forgive my actions
    *How it changed me : well i might of done some piece of shit things dont remember but i am not as immature as what i had done
    *How do i plain when ban is lifted : Ill just chat in the discord more and im passive so whatever i did wont be happening again


    hi! you will be unbanned shortly.