Ban Appeal - I regret my actions - AstroMan#0001

  • Hello. Due to my immature atitudes in the past, I am here to apologize and possibly get unbanned from the Warframe Discord server. Below you can find the answers to all the recommended questions.

    1. Discord Username: Even though I currently have a new username, my username when the ban occured was AstroMan™#7889

    2. Discord ID: 263100732436119552

    3. Date/Time when ban was issued: I was banned at exactly 01:17 AM [GMT] on day 18th December of 2018.

    4. Reason given (if any) for the ban: The reason why I was banned was for DM advertising.

    5. Warnings received prior to the ban: Since I was new to the server and didn't go there very often yet, I don't think I ever received previous warning(s). I believe this was a fair ban given straight away, because that's only what came into my DMs.

    6. Team member who issued the ban: Lapis#7777

    7. Explain why we should lift the ban: I would like my ban to be lifted because I keep learning from my mistakes. Even though we all keep making mistakes, sometimes even little mistakes unconsciously, I understand that this was not the case since what I did was very serious and obviously against Discord ToS! I would also like an unban because I understand that these atitudes won't take me anywhere and therefore, I've been changing the way I do stuff these last 2 months on Discord so I can truly improve myself as well as create some peace among others.

    8. How have you changed since this happened: Since I started to get banned from Discord servers, including this one, I stopped for awhile and thought how I could be making things worse and worse. I didn't want to be banned from all the servers I like to stay on... Whenever someone started to advertise on my DMs, I told that person to stop doing that and follow Discord ToS, for example. I also started to socialize more in servers instead of using it just to DM advertise people that probably enjoy staying on such server. DM advertising is not the point of Discord and I've also became less agressive and immature towards most situations.

    9. How do you plan on being different if we lift the ban: To conclude, I plan to keep doing the right thing and completely stop from DM advertising people. I will respect everyone equally and think before I say or do something. 🙂

    This is what one of the staff members sent to me by DM as proof of my ban:

    PS: I am Portuguese, so I apologize for any misspelt words. Thank you for your time!

    Best Regards,


    Hi, you'll be unbanned shortly.

  • @Tobiah Alright, thank you for the opportunity and sorry again.