Oberon Prime: Update 20.7.0

  • Oberon Prime: Update 20.7.0



    Excalibur (Exalted Blade)
    Chromatic Blade - Exalted Blade's damage type changes depending on energy color and status chance is increased by 50%.

    Mag (Magnetize)
    Magnetized Discharge - Manually detonate Magnetize by recasting on the target. Enemies hit have a 50% chance to become disarmed.

    Chroma (Effigy)
    Guided Effigy - Cast and hold to make Effigy move to your aim point. Deals 2000 damage per second to enemies in its path and roars on arrival stunning nearby enemies.

    Volt (Electric Shield)
    Transistor Shield - Allies can pick up Electric Shield. 100% of damage absorbed will be added to Volt's Static Discharge.

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    • Slightly increased enemy count when you have more Excavators deployed than players to help balance the flow of spawned enemies (mostly experienced in Solo mode).
    • Adjusted the Igaro Syandana positioning on Hydroid to bring it closer to the body.
    • The Matchmaking dropdown is now selectable in the Squad menu while in the Dojo. This enables you to change your matchmaking settings if you're playing Solo and try to invite someone.
    • Changed Fatal Acceleration to allow fitting on all Shotguns since trace-hit shotguns have their falloff altered by projectile speed Mods (this was already happening from Riven drawbacks).
    • Ash’s Fatal Teleport Augment will now only rotate the target so their back is facing you (before would rotate to front or back) since many weapons don't have frontal finishers.


    • Fixed Frost’s Freeze not doing AoE damage.
    • Fixed a problem with the giant round "Airlock" doors used most commonly found in Corpus Outpost levels; enemies could get stuck on these doors if all players were out of view and parts of the door were put to sleep.
    • Fixed enemies deployed by Condor Dropships in Excavation missions being defensive and fortifying the area they were deployed; these enemies would prevent crucial Power Cell Carrier reinforcements from arriving.
    • Fixed the camera not keeping up with the position of the player while the menu is open, making it difficult to use the menu when falling/moving/flying/not looking back at explosions.
    • Fixed Clients not being able to select a Relic or accept the mission if the Host selects a new Fissure mission while the Client is on the loading screen.
    • Fixed Operator Void Beam damage being framerate dependent.
    • More fixes towards the Sukira Prime Syandana being too floaty.
    • Fixed Oberon’s Smite projectile circling above Defense pods when cast near it.
    • Fixed Oberon's Smite Infusion Augment allowing you to Smite the Defense pod.
    • Fixed being able to avoid getting hit in the Mastery Rank 24 test.
    • Fixed the Oberon Prime shoulder armor remaining by default when equipping the Feyarch Skin.
    • Fixed the right Nidina Leg Plate equipping on the left leg.
    • Fixed the Zaikya Syandana sitting incorrectly on Rhino and Rhino Prime.
    • Fixed Oberon’s shoulder armor appearing black.
    • Fixed the Jordas Golem Assassinate mission reward being lowercase.
    • Fixed the Ki’Teer Atmos Mask and Greater Lens Blueprint being tradable.
    • Fixed switching back and forth from the "Uninstalled" to the "Installed" Arcanes tab breaking the Arcane UI.
    • Fixed a loss of functionality and numerous UI discrepancies when attempting to switch Landing Crafts when in Navigation.
    • Fixed Menu and Squad view sometimes not being visible if you're moving very fast on low framerate systems.
    • Fixed selecting ‘Mods’ on an un-Forma'd weapon with no Mods equipped resulting in the category selection disappearing.
    • Fixed overlapping text when opening the Clan option from the Navigation menu when not in a Clan.
    • Fixed Specters not receiving the same Energy regeneration upgrade that the previous Solar Rail Specters did.
    • Fixed a case where Ash’s Fatal Teleport target may move too far away during the casting animation for the finisher to succeed.
    • Fixed a case where some tilesets would block Ash’s Fatal Teleport finishers.
    • Fixed disarming Corpus Power Carriers resulting in their Provas floating outside of their hands.