Appealing for ban: #KST#0361

  • Banned

    Hello everyone, it seems i’ve made a severe and continues lapse in my judgment, and I’m here to show you I really have changed.

    Discord Username : KST#0361

    Discord ID : 304689926786777088

    Date it was issued : Late december

    Reason : Raided riven-hub and spammed : Hey look! We're shifting a few things around over time. At present, we have had console riven trading chats open for a few weeks, and are going to start the soft opening of #riven-trading for PC players. Please take the time to start getting used to it, with the format as it is, it may take a bit to get used to.

    Dude who issued the ban : Fran

    Reason why you should consider lifting my ban : Beside my eventual toxicity when i'm triggered by stupid stuff, i am mostly a cool and helpful guy, and i don't think i will cause much harm again anyway because i now have a full schedule which will allow me to stay on discord for only few minutes

    How have i changed :i no longer start stupid arguments with other people, i learned that they are pointless and inefficient way of making someone change their mind. I have also distanced myself from Xuccy’s toxic ways, I’m better now, I promise.

    How i plan on being different if we lift the ban : i will still lurk in riven-hub mostly, sometimes in both builds and hunting-lodge, never in off-topic or general discussion. I will also try my hardest to help noobs and educate on -slash rivens, I shall be the next Folren!

    Thanks for reading, I hope you can consider this appeal and make the right decision, riven-hub is all I have.