Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.7 +

  • Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.7

    As mentioned back in June 2018, Warframe’s Minimum Supported Specs will change to Windows 7, 64-bit operating systems, and DirectX 10 capable graphics cards in mid-February 2019.

    More info here:


    Khora (Venari) - Venari Bodyguard
    Venari dies in Khora’s place. Respawn timer increased to 150s. Killing enemies decreases the timer by 4s.

    Nova (Molecular Prime) - Molecular Fission
    When killed, primed enemies will restore a Null Star charge and have a 100% chance of restoring an additional one.

    Inaros (Desiccation) Desiccation’s Curse
    Killing a blinded enemy with a finisher has a 75% chance of summoning a Sand Shadow.

    Gara (Spectrorage) - Spectrosiphon
    Enemies that die within Spectrorage have a 50% chance to drop an energy orb.

    Find these new Warframe Augments from their respective Syndicate Offerings.

    General Additions:

    • A search box has been added to the Arsenal Loadout selection screen.
    • Added a new sound for the Pax Charge Arcane.

    Profit-Taker Fixes:

    • Profit-Taker Bounty 1 now requires you to have a Fishing Spear equipped in your Gear.
    • Players no longer need to wait for Eudico to finish her greeting dialog when initially prompting the ‘Briefing’.
    • Adjusted Eudico transmission timing during the Profit-Taker Bounty 3, which also fixes overlapping Eudico transmissions.
    • Fixes towards Profit-Taker not entering last Pylon phase in the Profit-Taker Bounty 4.
    • Fixed players who didn’t initiate the Profit-Taker Bounty being unable to skip the intro cutscene.
    • Fixed Profit-Taker dipping its toe in coolant and attempting to teleport, resulting in breaking its AI.
    • Fixed incorrect Little Duck transmissions during Profit-Taker Bounties.

    Baruuk Changes & Fixes:

    • Baruuk’s end of Elude animation no longer prevents movement.
    • Improvements towards performance/visual issues with Baruuk's Elude ability by removing the blur FX if using the ‘Low Particle Quality’ setting based on feedback:
    • Reduced the FX density of Baruuk’s Lull fog to fix reported performance issues.
    • Fixed Baruuk’s Desert Wind weapon displaying as having Impact, Puncture, and Slash in the Arsenal when it's just Impact.
    • Fixed Baruuk’s Serene Storm Desert Wind waves not hitting ragdolled enemies.
    • Fixed Baruuk’s Serene Storm Desert Wind waves not matching FX direction.
    • Fixed a script error when casting Baruuk’s Serene Storm ability.
    • Fixed a script error when casting Baruuk’s Desolate Hands ability.

    Harrow Changes:

    • As per feedback, Harrow’s Systems Blueprint has been added as a Rare drop in Rotation B for Defection missions. This means you have 2 chances in the Endless loop to obtain Harrow, not just one at Rotation C. To maintain balance, a Corrupted Mod has moved to Rotation A.
    • Increased Harrow’s Energy gain from his Thurible ability (max ranked now gains 2x as much).
    • Increased Duration of Harrow’s Penance by around 20%.

    Conservation Changes & Fixes:

    • The Tranq Rifle is now ‘Silent’! This should ensure you are not startling animals if you miss - it's only on hit they'll react.
    • More work required for this revert! Reverted the following change based off of player feedback asking to be able to hotkey specific Echo-Lures:
      • Echo-Lures no longer need to be equipped in your Gear Spiral, they are auto-equipped in the Conservation gear when a Tranq is equipped.
    • Fixed missing unique animal capture notes for the Vallis Sawgaw, Stover and Horrasque.
    • Fixed equipping a Bait item to an occupied Gear Spiral Slot resulting in the Slot being cleared.

    Nyx / Titania Changes & Fixes:

    • Lowered Nyx’s Abilities volume for less fatigue while using Abilities repeatedly.
    • Fixed Corpus Ospreys not following you closely anymore when under Nyx’s Mind Control ability.

    Ongoing fixes for a future Hotfix, but not this Hotfix, include:

    • Sound/presentation fixes for the Psychic Bolts re-cast (Hold 2).
    • Absorb damage scaling/CC Range reviews. While with the Assimilate Augment frankly Absorb is a different ability, but the base Absorb offerings are still being reviewed to escalate benefit for those who know how to tactically use it in a squad and solo setting.
    • Fixes for Mind Control targets + Rift.

    Fixed Titania’s Lanterns not mesmerizing enemies properly. This was a major bug impacting any benefits from the changes.

    Ongoing fixes for a future Hotfix, but not this Hotfix, include:

    • Re-reviewing Tribute's buffs.

    Loc-Pin Additions, Changes and Fixes:

    • Added a "Show In HUD" option to context menu for the Loc-Pin (off by default). When enabled, it will show an in-world marker for the owner of the marker.
    • Added a custom color option to the Loc-Pin.
    • Increased the Loc-Pin limit from 10 to 15.
    • Remove [PH] text from the Loc-Pin item description.
    • Fixed the Loc-Pin item mechanic not saving properly.

    General Changes:

    • Removed the requirement of needing the Adherent Rank with the Quills to Gild your Amp with Little Duck.
    • Replaced the Braton Prime Blueprint with the Braton Prime Receiver in the Lith K2 Relic due to an unintentional vaulting of the Receiver!
    • Changed the Scyto Raknoid Affinity to 1k and Ryta Raknoid to 1.5k.
    • Reduced the Standing cost of Transmutation Cores from 10k to 5k.
    • Reduced the Standing cost of Cetus Wisps from 10k to 5k.
    • Javlok Capacitors can now be sold to 2,500 Credits (as to not pile up in your Inventory).
    • The ‘Toggle Prime Details’ has been added back to Mesa Prime! The team has made improvements towards the blending of both Mesa TennoGen Skins and her Prime Details.
    • Fast Travel in Fortuna is now enabled for Little Duck when appropriate.
    • Changed the ‘not scanned’ FX color of the Simaris Scanner to be more red than orange to improve visibility.
    • Corpus Lockers will show their new hologram if unlocked with the Master Thief Mod.
    • Helios no longer scans Solaris Lore Fragments.
    • You can purchase multiple Arcanes from the respective Vendors (Rude Zuud, etc).
    • The UI now displays a max of 999,999,999 Credits (our servers will still track up to 9 quadrillion Credit balances but will not be displayed in-game).
    • Tweaks to Staticor and Simulor FX to try and reduce blowout with brightest Energy colours and Mirage equipped.
    • Further improvements towards Operator hairstyles that include a hair band.
    • Updated the Operator Amp Icon.
    • Made some micro-optimizations to the Hunter Command Beast Precept Mod.
    • Optimized some frame-time spikes.
    • The Gift recipient name will now be auto-filled with attempting to send said Gift from that respective players Wish List.
    • Toned down the firing FX on the Sarpa.


    • Fixed Sentients not spawning during a specific stage of the Second Dream quest.
    • Fixed the Hunter Command Beast Precept Mod generating 100 Kavat Affinity every 6 seconds (this could also trigger a UI-issue where it would appear to generate increasing amounts of Affinity).
    • Fixes towards issues with lost Focus XP if a Host migration occurred.
    • Fixed a functionality loss when using Transference right being interacting with a conversation (Cetus/Fortuna Vendor).
    • Fixed Exalted weapons remaining equipped for no Energy cost after a Host migration occurs.
    • Fixed Magus Anomaly Arcane pulling Kuva Siphons, Eidolons, Lephantis, and other “boss” type enemies as reported here:
    • Fixed Mesa’s Shooting Gallery ability applying to Operators damage output.
    • Fixed Consumables in the higher Gear Spiral Slots than the one you used up becoming unequipped.
    • Fixed the Fluctus ignoring Nullifier bubbles when using it in Atmosphere mode.
    • Fixed Exalted weapons not showing correct Damage stats in the Simulacrum Arsenal.
    • Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirror clones not firing Tonkor grenades.
    • Fixed MOA Companions equipped with the Security Override Mod ability to hack quest-critical objects which result in skipping gameplay stages.
    • Fixed the Ammo max increase from the Arch-Gun Ammo Chain Mod applying to your primary weapon.
    • Fixes towards Kavats getting stuck navigating on bridges.
    • Fixed Extracting as Operator not rewarding you Simaris Standing gained from scanning enemies.
    • Fixed redundant text from Ticker’s Lore Fragments.
    • Fixed Rain FX in the Plains of Eidolon appearing to stack when entering/exiting Cetus, resulting in poor visibility as reported here:
    • Fixed some Warframes not appearing wet when in the Plains while raining.
    • Fixed the Battacor looping its fire animation/sound for Clients as reported here:
    • Fixes towards lingering beam FX when becoming Knocked Down with the Synoid Gammacor.
    • Fixed the Tek Mod zone FX colours not using chosen Energy colour.
    • Fixed inability to see Mesa/Mesa Prime’s Regulators on other players in the Dojo/Relay.
    • Fixed inability to see Mesa/Mesa Prime’s Regulators in the Simulacrum Arsenal as a Client.
    • Fixed inability to disable Nidus’ Metamorphosis in the Captura Arsenal.
    • Fixed some looping weapons being too loud when pausing Captura.
    • Fixed scaling discrepancies with the Motherwrench Hammer Skin scale on certain weapons.
    • Fixed Clients in the Simulacrum seeing Talons on other Warframes when Garuda is equipped and previewing others.
    • Fixed seeing personal ‘Owned’ Icons/info when viewing another players Wish List.
    • Fixed certain Vendors not displaying Mastered or Forma tag icons for respective Blueprints (Konzu, etc).
    • Fixed inability to Chat link newer Operator Amp parts.
    • Fixed duplicate ‘UNRANKED’ text on the Arcane Trade screen.
    • Fixed Cephalon Simaris’ Simulor Blueprint Offering displaying a misleading ‘RANK 30’ description.
    • Fixed Little Duck’s Operator Arcanes Tab being mislabeled as Mods.
    • Fixed Umbra following the Operator into the Quill Cave.
    • Fixed Excalibur missing his ground slam sound when using his Exalted Blade.
    • Fixed Rare Storage Container sounds not playing when running Helene / Hydron Defense missions.
    • Fixed K-Drives becoming constantly stuck to the roof of Vallis bunkers.
    • Fixed navigating to Orb Vallis while having ‘Overlay Map’ enabled resulting in incorrect UI to appear and the map cannot be moved.
    • Fixed Orokin Drones missing their death FX.
    • Fixed Lynx turret grenades and lens flare FX lingering for Clients, which could result in performance issues overtime.
    • Fixed misaligned Cannon firing FX in the Grineer Settlement tileset.
    • Fixed the Lega Prism Amp FX lingering for Clients.
    • Fixed lingering FX on the Corinth Alt-Fire.
    • Fixed the ‘Friend Request’ UI icon never disappearing.
    • Fixed Mesa Prime’s lower cloth clipping through her legs.
    • More fixes towards the Bloodshed Sigil not appearing correctly on the Operator.
    • Fix an offset issue with the Yamako and Vanquished Syandana variants (Solstice, Rubedo, etc.) to improve placements on certain Warframes.
    • Fixed an offset issue with the Phased Asa Syandana to make it match the same offsets as the regular Asa Syandana.
    • Fixed Garuda's arm cloth clipping through the Abrasys Syandana.
    • Fixed the Nagantaka not appearing properly in the Market diorama.
    • Fixed the Flox Syandana not applying the chosen Energy color as reported here:
    • Fixed seeing context actions for the ‘Back Room’ in Fortuna when not appropriate.
    • Fixed some remaining Arcanes still having ALL CAPS descriptions.
    • Fixed Kitgun sounds not playing when using Archwing in Vallis/Plains.
    • Fixed sound playing when mousing over 'Types' in the Inventory.
    • Fixed case where the Inbox could reshow itself and double up its button bar buttons when opened in a Relay.
    • Fixes towards scenarios where Gifting would fail.
    • Fixed the Featured item UI marker not displaying correctly when browsing the Market.
    • Fixed a script error when Khora’s Venari passive activates.
    • Fixed a script error related to the Mining reticle.
    • Fixed Bloodshed Sigil discrepancies in Operator transmissions.
    • Fixed possible script error if the Bloodshed Sigil is equipped on your Operator when first loading into the Liset.
    • Fixes potentially crash under conditions of high latency when someone Revives and uses a Gear item.
    • Fixed Vehicle category items not being capitalized.
    • Fixed an issue with a crash that could occur when Host Migrating and returning to towns.
    • Fixed some UI elements not being tintable with themes.

    Conclave Fixes:

    • Fixed inability to equip the Static Alacrity Mod on the Staticor in Conclave.

    Fortuna: Hotfix


    • Tweaked the radius/release sounds of Pheromone Synthesizers.


    • Fixed infinite loading in the Vallis elevator.
    • Fixed Magus Repair Operator Arcane not functioning for Clients.
    • Fixed multiple missing Warframe Deluxe Helmet Icons.
    • Fixed Flox Syandana offsets when equipped on Valkyr/Valkyr Prime.
    • Fixed a controller script error when going into the Trading Post when there's no trade partners available.