Complaint: New Active Tenno Changes

  • Hello My name is Don Lee I been in the warframe discord for almost four months and the most recent change to the discord concern me. On January 15 you guys made a change that Non-Active tenno can post pictures in the off-topic discussion channel. I feel like this isn't fair because before you had to post 5000 messages to get active tenno so it was an achievement doesn't matter if you got it or not, now with these new changes the discord force posting this many messages just to play a part in a huge part of the comedic and intregring part of the warframe discord. So I propose that we should reduce the post limit 1000 so it not insane to get and people who wanna just spam with have to work for it and also add a rank for those who has 5000 post as an achievement.

                                                            Thank You in advance,


    The post requirement has never been set, and has never been public, and the numbers you give are 100% off.

    Have a nice day.