Ban Appeal for matt0#2421

  • Discord Username: matt0#​2421
    Discord ID: 219176367063826433
    Date/Time when ban was issued: 11/3/2018 00:32:26
    Reason given (if any) for the ban: Repeatedly spamming, toxic behavior, and lewd discussions - including underage characters.
    Warnings received prior to the ban: 1 (muted for spam in #discussion)
    Team member who issued the ban: -Misan-#​6969, now called Trashcat#6969

    Explain why we should lift the ban: I am not writing this to make excuses for my actions. I recognize that this is no one's fault but my own and I apologize to anyone who I hurt or insulted, especially to Misan, Tobiah, and any moderators I interacted with in jade light. I realize that these impressions take long to heal from and I do not blame anyone for being judgemental of me, should I return to the server. As a result of my actions (general spam, continuation of spam in jade light, lewd discussions involving operators, continued insults at the staff team while muted), I was banned from one of the greatest servers I have known and lost my moderator position in a partnered server. I have come to admit my mistakes and plead for a return, a return that will be on thin ice. Enough time has passed for me to realize how much I screwed up. I wish to be given a second chance to prove myself and contribute to such a wonderful community, a community I truly had fun in and which I ruined with my shit-posts and behavior. I was judgmental and idiotic and I hope this will be a chance to turn it around. Again, I apologize and regret my previous time from the bottom of my heart and want to make amends. I hold no grudge to those who warned or punished me and I hope to start anew.

    How have you changed since this happened: After reflecting on my mistakes, I realize I was blinded by my own ego to insult others, spit on rules, and laugh at staff members. I realized, long after, that no one deserved to be treated by how I was acting. I am now a much more accepting person and wait to give others a chance. For example, I was insulting -Misan- after hearing about the chat moderation issues DE were having, and not bothering to listen to both sides. I was hasty, judgemental, and inconsiderate of how other people, especially -Misan- was feeling. To all others I hurt and to other WFCD staff members I insulted and made a fool of myself, I want to get to know everyone better and become friends and acquaintances, not enemies. I realize they are just enforcing the rules they are supposed to and it is not a personal decision. Not only have I become more accepting, I have quit on being toxic and hateful towards DE and the community. I do not seek to argue to prove that my point is right and theirs is wrong, I want to explore new opinions and avenues of thought so that everyone may learn something from a discussion. I toned down my ego and realize that I still have much to learn and to not act like I know everything. If I am not positive of something, I will ask others to help, and if someone says that I am wrong, I will not insult them, but will listen to their opinions and do research to decide if their points have merit. Overall, I have become a kinder, more helpful person and truly wish to rejoin the WFCD family. I have gained respect for all staff members and peers and wish to participate in a healthy, nontoxic way.

    How do you plan on being different if we lift the ban: For WFCD, I plan on zero shit-posting and offensive memes. I plan on being active in #discussion, #help-and-support, and #hunting-lodge and being a proud member of WFCD. My main goals are to spend my time hanging out and answering questions with thorough research and in-game experience. I will be friendly, helpful, and thoughtful when speaking and strive to be a prominent positive member. In the future, I plan on reaching for Tenno Guide or Ranger, by sharing my wealth of experience and being recognzed. WFCD was and will be my home, and I plan on dedicating and enjoying many hours to making the Warframe experience magical and fun for many other tenno.

    Additional info: I made an alt account much later after the ban, whose details are provided below. Though I did not do anything that warranted a ban on that account, it was recognized and banned for being an alt account. I understand that I must provide these details to clear my IP.

    Username: matto#4624
    ID: 525484485920423968
    Team member who issued ban: Trashcat#6969
    Reason: Alt account of a banned user


    Hello, it looks like your alt was banned only 10 days ago, please wait the full 2 weeks to appeal for it. If you are unbanned from your main, you will have to wait for the second one.

    Also, given that you repeated nasty behavior when you came on with your alt, why would we believe your apology?

  • My then-alt account is now my main since my previous main was deleted from outside reasons. But as for your question, if I was in your position, I would not give leniency as I did have toxic behavior on my alt as well, also for the continued rudeness after punishment. My only reason for you is that I deeply regretted my actions and know that how I act in WFCD, and how every individual acts, reflects on the server as a whole. I am asking, pleading even, for you to believe that all I have written is true and I am completely sincere of what I am saying, for I spent many hours crafting the response and thinking it over. Thank you for informing me of the policy for alt accounts. I will re-appeal for it in 4days.


    Both have been unbanned