Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.11

  • Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.11

    As mentioned back in June 2018, Warframe’s Minimum Supported Specs will change to Windows 7, 64-bit operating systems, and DirectX 10 capable graphics cards in mid-February 2019.

    More info here:



    • Nova Prime, Mag Prime, Soma Prime, Boar Prime, Dakra Prime and Vasto Prime have returned to the Vault!
      • Their respective Relics have been removed from the drop table.


    • Ember Prime, Frost Prime, Latron Prime, Reaper Prime, Sicarus Prime, and Glaive Prime have emerged from the Prime Vault!
      • Their respective Relics can now be found from the drop table!

    Check out the accompanying Fire & Ice Vault Accessories and more here:

    Archwing Changes:

    • Returned the Imperator Vandal Critical Chance to 15% and Status Chance to 10% in Archwing mode.
    • Changed the cost of Rushing the Gravimag Blueprint from 50 Platinum to 10 Platinum.
    • Reduced the Gravimag Blueprint Rush time from 3 days to 1 day.


    • Increased the time waypoints stay active in the Plains/Vallis. They now last 5x times longer!


    • Fixed Octavia’s Mallet or Resonator ability breaking the ‘Base Capture’ phase of the Profit-Taker Bounty 1.
    • Fixed Magus Lockdown not spawning an actual mine upon Void Dashing.
    • Fixed AI that are meant to follow you becoming distracted. This was predominantly seen during the The War Within and The Sacrifice quests during certain moments.
    • Fixed missing ‘Operator’ HUD text when using Transference.
    • Fixed blurry FX for Clients when casting Mesa’s Shooting Gallery ability.
    • Fixed Mesa’s Shooting Gallery ability Energy color always appearing red.
    • Fixed a Smokefinger and Rude Zuud Memory Fragment having the same Codex image.
    • Fixed missing text in one of Smokefinger’s Memory Fragments.
    • Fixed the Tekelu Skins appearing incorrectly when equipped.
    • Fixed a sound glitch when being hit by Corrupted Vor's beam attack while in Limbo's Rift.
    • Fixed missing Korean LOC translations for Arcanes.
    • Fixed some spotloading caused by Arcanes on Operators.