Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.13

  • Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.13

    As mentioned back in June 2018, Warframe’s Minimum Supported Specs will change to Windows 7, 64-bit operating systems, and DirectX 10 capable graphics cards in mid-February 2019.

    More info here:

    General Additions:

    • Added a new Clan Role of ‘Fabricator’:
      • Enabled (default) - Ability to replicate Clan research
      • Disabled - Inability to replicate Clan research

    Foundry Changes:
    The following weapons have had their Foundry Rushing cost changed to balance disproportions between Rushing and Purchasing costs:


    • VIPER
    • KRAKEN
    • ATTICA
    • KUNAI
    • TEKKO
    • MIRE
    • TYSIS
    • SPIRA
    • LESION
    • AMPHIS
    • FURAX
    • KARAK
    • PENTA
    • KOGAKE
    • GLAIVE
    • HIRUDO
    • MAGNUS
    • BO
    • OBEX
    • TIPEDO
    • KARYST
    • ZHUGE
    • FERROX


    • Increased the Conservation Tranq Rifle clip size from 1 to 3 tranqs!
    • Restored the ability of controller players to speak the universal language of Warframe: crouching like a madperson while you're waiting for the slow person to reach the elevator. Also fixed not being able to bullet-jump immediately from a stationary position on controller.
    • Toned down the controller trigger sensitivity slightly based on player feedback that you would stop aiming/firing with a very small amount of trigger release.
    • Improvements towards minimap marker pathing.
    • Adjusted overly loud ice crack sounds in the Corpus Ice Planet tileset.


    • Fixed enemies sometimes triggering detection beams that should only trigger for Tenno in the Lua tileset.
    • Fixed Banshee Sonar reading "CRITICAL MULTIPLIER" when it’s actually "DAMAGE MULTIPLIER".
    • Fixed ability to apply Operator Hair which you did not purchase when using a controller.
    • Fixed broken objective marker in the Tyl Regor Assassinate mission.
    • Fixed an issue where interrupting the Atomos reload could leave it with parts detached.
    • Fixed The Index Sigil reading ‘Emblem’ instead of ‘Sigil’.
    • Fixed a script error that occurs on Host migration in Interception missions.
    • Fixed a script error upon dying in the middle of a Grineer Commander Switch Teleport.
    • Fixed a script error with Nova Prime.