Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.0.3

  • Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.0.3

    Harrow Changes & Fixes:

    • Lowered the damage required per Critical Chance bonus for Harrow’s Covenant from 100 to 80.
    • Harrow’s Penance now has a Duration cap of 60 seconds.
    • Fixed lower ranks of Harrow’s Covenant having higher numbers than intended.
    • Fixed the Ripka's attaching to Harrow’s back.


    • Adjusted the Zenith radar to show on enemies heads rather than the torso.
    • Disabled Emotes while Channeling Harrow’s Thurible.
    • Removed the "X OPEN SLOTS" text from the Friends/Clan menu.
    • Removed a sneaky Dojo Decoration that was not intended to be placeable yet. *A script will be run shortly to remove this Decoration from Dojo inventories.


    • Fixed Opticor not being able to damage enemies outside of a Frost’s Snow Globe when fired from inside the Snow Globe.
    • Fixed a script error in the Simulacrum when swapping from a Sentinel to a Companion.
    • Fixed a crash when loading into the Law of Retribution or The Jordas Verdict.
    • Fixed Volt's Electric Shield blocking his own throwing Melee weapons.
    • Fixed triggering a progression transmission at the wrong time during the Chains of Harrow quest.
    • Fixed not having to properly lower the water level in Earth Spy missions.
    • Fixed some Riven Mods having incorrect capitalized characters.
    • Fixed quest VO initiating too early during Chains of Harrow quest (vague for spoiler reasons).
    • Fixed seeing a red enemy marker as the extraction marker for Exterminate missions.
    • Fixed a variety of crashes and bugs when using Razer Chroma effects.
    • Fixed a crash in the Simulacrum from Companions trying to use abilities.
    • Fixed cases where AI would think they could shoot through non-breakable glass.
    • Fixed the Knell's Penitence buff not removing when the duration was complete.

    Conclave Fixes

    • Fixed the Knell not displaying its Penitence buff icon in Conclave.
    • Fixed the Knell not updating it’s scope UI correctly in Conclave.
    • Fixed Clients that join in progress in Conclave sometimes not being able to move right away and only regaining movement after being killed.