Ban Apeal Ryan. #4551

  • January 22, 2019
    2:55 Pm PST
    Posted Folren discord link into Riven hub channel
    Was given ban for posting a server link, might have been pin that I didn't see.
    Warning from bot.
    Spectrops#​2265 issued ban
    I shouldn't be beaned for meme.
    I have thought about my actions carefully, and realized that Folren jokes are old and need to get new material.
    I'll be the same, but i'll refrain from posting anything that would be ban worthy.


    you were banned for breaking our rules which happen to be the rules whether or not you're memeing.

    Please follow the format if you'd like your appeal to be considered.

    Your appeal will not be considered at this time, you have 2 weeks to consider doing it right.