Ban Appeal StarGuardianShaco#2283

  • Discord usernam : StarGuardianShaco#2283
    Discord ID : 304689926786777088
    Date when it was issued : 31/12/2018
    Reason for the Ban : Raiding Riven-hub
    Warnings received before the ban : 2 temp mutes and a temp ban
    Team member who issued the ban : Fran
    Reason why you should lift the ban : unlike the first ban appeal that i made earlier this year, this one is much more serious and not a joke, reason being that i will very much appreciate getting unbanned from the server. I now no longer meme since i realized that spamming copy pastas isn't fun after experiencing a heavy spam my self.
    What did change after the 2 weeks period : Mainly stopped trolling around, actually more down to being a nice guy and chill and no longer disturbing.
    How do i plan on being different after lifting the ban : No more shitty jokes, less passive aggressive and less toxicity , being helpful in riven-hub.


    This will be your last chance, and your first infraction will incur a ban.