Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.0.5

  • Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.0.5


    • Optimized a number of PBR textures to improve frame-rate for remastered tilesets on slower PCs.
    • Reduced Opticor charge time of from 2.5 to 2 seconds.
    • Temporarily removed Opticor beam thickness until it can be tested more thoroughly.
    • Narrowed camera view cone and adjusted placement of some cameras in Corpus Spy vaults.
    • Added controller support to parts of the Chains of Harrow quest.
    • Added an option to disable Razer Chroma.
    • Optimized mission loading slightly for people using High Shader Quality.
    • Tweaked finisher animations for several weapons.
    • The Baro Ki'Teer's countdown in Relays now shows where he will arrive in next.


    • Fixed a number of performance regressions related to physics interactions between objects; in some cases this would cause a dramatic but temporary drop in frame-rate.
    • Fixed not being able to hit Nullifier bubbles and other targets with melee weapons and the Opticor.
    • Fixed some metal surfaces in the Corpus Spy vaults being transparent to security cameras.
    • Fixed occasional Network Not Responding messages for people who have linked their account to Twitch.
    • Fixed transmissions in certain quests being stuck on repeat (eg: Sands of Inaros).
    • Fixed pillar hit-detection in the Cunning Drift Hall of Ascension (more improves to follow).
    • Fixed Sentinel Precepts being activated at the start of Archwing missions.
    • Fixed some cases where you would mount ziplines such as Ivara's Dashwire and then be unable to move from that spot.
    • Fixed Companions in the Simulacrum sometimes dying upon entering the Arsenal.
    • Fixed Companions floating slightly off the ground in the Simulacrum Arsenal.
    • Fixed Nox's scream not being ducked during transmissions.
    • Fixed rare crashes on level load.
    • Fixed certain effects in the Chains of Harrow quest showing up prematurely.