Ban Appeal: Burg#0013

  • ID: 509885952773324813
    Date/Time: 01/02/19
    Reason: None to my knowledge
    Warnings: None to my knowledge
    Team Member: I Don't know
    Reason to Lift Ban: I was talking about conclave in voice chat with random users. I asked what frames were good, etc. Mid conversation I was booted out.
    How have I changed: Going to avoid talking in voice chat more often.
    How I plan to change: Sticking to text channels.


    Hi, please follow the format provided in the example post, this will help us.

    To enlighten you on your prior warnings and ban context: you were banned by Shinku for being the alt of a banned user. If you believe this to be in error, please say so and we'll take care of it shortly.

  • Yeah I am not an alternate user. If that was the reason why I was banned then I would say it was an error on their part.


    You will be unbanned shortly.