Ban Appeal For Falsely Bans From Moderators Of Being " Backseating Moderators " and No Invesigation - @RedTeemo#4003

  • Before You Read This Ban Appeal , I Want You To Know That I Need Server Admin , who is RedNuker, To Appeal This , Not From Senior Moderators Because Some Of Them Are Working For The Target I Am Going To Mention Later On In This Post .
    So , I Got Banned From The Server For Backseating Moderator , But I Want To Appeal This Because :
    1st - The Moderator That Banned Was OkniolasPrime , And He Made His Name Into This , Which is Rule To a Server Admin :
    2nd - Okniolas Falsely Claim That " Backseat Moderation " From Players ( While actually not a backseat moderation | it is a reminder ) Is Breaking The Rules while #about-this-server did not mention that : alt text
    3rd - The Moderator That Banned Me Didn't Do Any Invesigation And Just Straight Up Exaggerating And Taking Problem That He Needed To Solve , Out Of It's Content .
    4th - OkniolasPrime poorly explain the ban is that " Backseat Moderation " and ' ban me ' , in which i see is an attempt to falsely claim for the ban he made :
    5th - I have made a video on public showing his true colour and also an evidence in which he can't deniable about his action , also he invited some of his friends to join and disliking , falsely claim and attack me so you don't need to watch the comment , focusing on the video :
    6th - After He Falsely Warned Me , He Start to Say " Good shit " , which is a rude languages to a person who is trying to explain that he is being attacked by Moderators :

    Image i used for this appeal :
    3_1489912219345_bandicam_2017-03-15_15-31-34-731.jpg 2_1489912219345_bandicam_2017-03-15_15-31-23-444.jpg 1_1489912219345_bandicam_2017-03-15_15-27-30-485.jpg 0_1489912219344_bandicam_2017-03-15_15-26-16-658.jpg )

  • Dear Teemo,
    Due to your recent actions on trying to slander, Okniolas and the action of publically trying to do so. I will have to reject your ban appeal because your original ban was based off the actions you have already commited. This act of trying to slander a member shows that you are not ready to move past this incident and apologise.