KenKenneth#8605 Ban Appeal

  • Discord username/ID: KenKenneth#8605
    I'm not actually sure exactly when the ban occurred. It happend about 2 or 3 weeks ago and I forgot about it, but I'm a pretty avid warframe player and I would like back in the server now.
    Reason for ban: I posted a server invite for a server I made called Porn Hub. It was not a porn server it was a meme server. Of course the person who banned me didn't know this.
    Warnings: I received no warnings prior to my ban.
    I don't know who issued my ban.
    I feel that you should lift the ban because the server I posted was a meme server and not a porn server. And warframe is my favorite game, the discord server lets me have a deeper experience.
    I plan on being different by not posting any server links at all.
    I will stay respectful as normal.

    Thank you for reading my ban appeal😄


    You won't be unbanned at this time because you didn't provide us with your id. Please have that all in the appeal next time.

  • @Tobiah I added my discord ID my ID is #8605
    Full discord is KenKenneth#8605