Ban Appeal: PieWithMoustachePWM#1053

  • (Former discord name that was used before the ban Definetly Not Putin)
    My ban was issued on 16.3.2019 around 16.00 (I didnt check the time when I got it).
    The ban was most likely given to my due to my username mimicin my 2 friends (Yes 2 differend friends) usernames (Definitely Not Hirohito and Definitely Not Dockta Mengele). I did not receive a single warning before getting the ban. From what I understood from the bots message the ban was given by Spectrops#​2265 and the reason was "Alt of banned user".

    I believe you should lift the ban because it was given to me without proper reason. Because all I did was to question another members profile picture (Due to it being from nazi anime.) and then asking how hard is it to get banned from the Discord. Since my 2 friends told me that it was gonna be super easy so that I should watch out, so I stupidly but honestly wanted to confirm this information so that I would have thought more before asking questions and discussions just in case. But I got banned so it seems the warning was indeed in place.

    I have changed most likely only a little and I am thinking more about what questions I am going to ask even tho I didn't really do anything wrong in the first place. And I am sorry if my Discord name got mixed with the 2 of my friends who didn't know how to behave.


    Please provide your username and id at the time in the formatting with the required formatting. Thank you.

  • Currently the discord name and #number is PieWithMoustachePWM#1053


    # is not ID. Please review the format in the example and see the example of how to get your ID.

  • 240464037836488705


    (It's still not formatted, which is why you've not gotten a response)


    Hello, you will not be unbanned at this time.

  • With at this time does it mean that I could be unbanned in the future or that I wont be unbanned at any point? Since the ban was wrongfully given.


    So long as you refuse to give your ID, we can't unban you, and "not at this time" means "not right now". It gives no promises about the future, simply stating the current state.

  • But I gave the ID (240464037836488705). I at no point refused to give it.