Buried Debts: Hotfix 24.5.4

  • Exploiter Orb Changes & Fixes:
    - Polished some animations in the Exploiter Orb vent cinematics.
    - Fixed crashing when transitioning to or from Deck 12 as an Operator.
    - Fixed the Exploiter Orb not appearing in Phase 2 if there was a Host migration before Phase 1. Thanks to 'Immortal' for the solid repro on this!
    - Fixed players sometimes disappearing on each others' screens after beginning to load to Deck 12 or back to Venus. This would often result in further issues such as unloading Venus while the player is standing in it.
    - Fixed Clients seeing a massive Exploiter Orb when initiating the vent cinematic.
    - Fixed the Exploiter Orb heat gauge potentially not updating when transitioning to and from Deck 12.
    - Fixed the Exploiter Orb boss title text not appearing for Clients.
    - Fixed a (sometimes) massive game hitch when entering Orb Vallis due to Thermia Fractures spot loading.

    - Updated the text string of the Nightwave Act ‘Use Forma x/3 times’ to indicate that this cannot be done in the Simulacrum, as it will not count towards the Act.
    - Common Nora Night Transmissions can now be disabled with 'enable hint transmissions' in the Audio Options menu.

    - Potential fix for losing the ability to Melee or use Primary weapons after quick Meleeing.
    - Fixed the Mantis Med Tower Air Support never appearing.
    - Fixed the Lazulite Toroid not appearing in the App.
    - Fixed Hildryn not being able to cast Balefire in Aegis Storm.
    - Fixed a script error when using the Arsenal in Captura.