Buried Debts: Hotfix 24.5.6

  • Buried Debts: Hotfix 24.5.6


    The following items have returned to the Vault and their Relics have been removed from drops:

    • Ember Prime
    • Frost Prime
    • Latron Prime
    • Reaper Prime
    • Sicarus Prime
    • Glaive Prime

    As always, if you own the now Vaulted Relics they will remain in your Inventory until you use/trade them.

    Exploiter Orb Changes:

    • You can now waypoint the Exploiter vents!


    • K-Drive Race Affinity has been increased!
      • Affinity gained per Gate is now 500 (previously 200)
      • Affinity gained per Race completion is now 2500 (previously 1000)
    • Increased the height of the Napalm Grenades Mod damage area.

    Nightwave Fix:

    • Fixed the ‘Day Trader’ Nightwave Act not being marked complete after meeting the requirements. The appropriate Standing was delivered behind-the-scenes, but the UI neglected to accurately display that. Completing the Index requirements again post Hotfix will correct your UI, but note that the Standing has already been delivered.


    • Fixed a crash related to having Charm equipped on your Smeeta Kavat.
    • Fixed AI appearing to stall and not proceed to the next door in the Glast Gambit quest.
    • Fixed the Aviator Mod not always applying the reduced Damage while airborne correctly to Hildryn.
    • Fixed Magus Lockdown using the position of your last Void Dash instead of your current one if you're a Client when placing the Mine.
    • Fixed Swarm Mutalist spore clouds blocking bullets.
    • Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors clones chasing after the true Mirage when riding a K-Drive. Her clones will now animate correctly while K-Driving.
    • Fixed Garuda’s Passive reading as 101% when bleeding out.
    • Fixed Profit-Taker appearing to have its Shield FX active when killed as a Client.
    • Fixed MOA Companions capable of being targeted by Disarm-style abilities, leaving them with nothing but a head-mounted prod.
    • Fixed the camera momentarily being jerked forward when shooting the Stug at certain angles.
    • Fixed Targis Prime Armor not sitting correctly on Hildryn.
    • Fixed Emblems not sitting correctly on the Harrow Graxx Skin.
    • Fixed unintentional slow movement for the Golden Maw.