Plains of Eidolon Remaster: Hotfix 24.6.2

  • Plains of Eidolon Remaster: Hotfix 24.6.2

    Plains of Eidolon Remaster Changes & Fixes:

    • Cuthol Bait is now sellable for 100,000 Credits.
    • Increased the visual size of the Plains sun to match remastered sundisc.
    • Fixed Loc-Pins being placed at unreachable heights in the Plains.
    • Lost Loc-Pins have been returned to your Inventory.
    • Fixed the sleep abilities of Ivara, Baruuk, and Equinox not giving you the option to capture animals in Plains of Eidolon.
    • Fixed the Drone in "Protect the Drone" Plains Bounties sometimes getting caught on the landscape.
    • Fixes towards waterfall textures in the Plains looking more like yogurt than water (also applies to Dojo waterfall Decorations).
    • Fixed a level hole in the Plains terrain.
    • Fixed some darkly lit rocks in the Plains.
    • Fixed rain clouds persisting in the Plains but no rain falling.
    • Fixed Konzu Transmissions appearing to flicker when Temporal AA is enabled.
    • Fixed Cetus vendors appearing to have ‘poppy’ looking lip animations.
    • Fixed squished Mining result icons.
    • Fixed Plains enemies getting stuck on cables.
    • Fixed holes in geometry at the main gate of Cetus.

    Tusk Thumper Changes & Fixes:

    • Tusk Thumpers will now only call in reinforcements when at half Health or lower.
    • Tusk Thumper charge behavior now has a timeout to prevent it from getting stuck charging indefinitely.
    • Tweaks to improve Tusk Thumper jump animations.
    • Fixed Tusk Thumper weak points getting covered / disabled when it wasn't the one taking damage.


    • Reverted the Ogris Changes made in 24.6.0:
      • Converted from Charged to Semi Auto.
      • Ammo pool increased from 20 to 30.
      • Area-of-Effect increased from 6 to 7m.
      • Area-of-Effect damage reduced from 600 to 400.
    • The Tatsu Soul Swarm (Revenant) projectiles now have a lifetime of 5 seconds.
    • Reduced some casting sounds for Hildryn.


    • Fixed inability to extract from the Archwing Mobile Defense mission on Earth, Erpo.
    • Fixed Arcane ranks displaying with wrong formatting as reported here:
    • Fixed Secondary Energy colors not applying to certain things (Revenant's Helmet beard, etc).
    • Fixed ability to utilize dual Energy colour without Forma by using ‘Copy Warframe Colors’ to your weapon.
    • Fixed a nonfunctional ‘Railjack’ related prompt.
    • Fixed seeing a flash of color when switching between Upgrade tabs in the Arsenal.
    • Fixed small font Chat appearing blurry.
    • Fixed all Mergoo variants appearing the same in the Codex.
    • Fixed a script error when attempting to start an animal hunt after a Host migration.
    • Fixed a script error when you capture an animal but die just as the screen comes up.
    • Fixed a script error when viewing Nightwave Episode dioramas.
    • Fixed a script error when casting Oberon’s Reckoning.