Plains of Eidolon Remaster: Hotfix 24.8.1

  • Plains of Eidolon Remaster: Hotfix 24.8.1

    Arbitration Changes & Fixes:

    • In an effort to increase visibility, both the Arbitration Shield Drone beam and Resurgence Burden colors have been changed to a more orange hue! We’ve also cranked up the contrast and added a more recognizable pulsing FX.

    • Resurgence Burdens are no longer affected by Vacuum.

    • All Resurgence Burdens will now be removed if the player needing revival leaves/dies, and if you die while carrying Resurgence Burdens.

    • Changed the VITUS ILLUMINA EMOTE to its proper name of ILLUMINA JUDICIUM.

    • Fixed losing all Resurgence Burdens after a Host migration if a player was still in need of revival.

    Known Arbitration UI bug: Host sees a different amount of Resurgence Burdens on Clients when they Transfer to Operator/Warframe.


    • Fixed a crash when selecting different Loadout options in the Arsenal.
    • Fixed a crash when accessing the Gear wheel.
    • Fixed a functionality loss when viewing Cetus vendors while waiting for a Bounty mission to start.
    • Fixed several small problems with the Darvo Rescue stage of Vor's Prize.
    • Fixed Beam weapons and Gunblades not affecting the Bursting Mass Mod damage on detonate.
    • Fixed Alad V not having any eyeball textures.
    • Fixes towards waypoint flip-flopping in the Lua tileset.
    • Fixed a Corpus Archwing level hole as reported here:
    • Fixed an endless teleporting loop in the Grineer Forest tileset.
    • Fixed other players hearing Alt Firing sounds from numerous weapons.
    • More fixes towards wonky lantern textures in Teshin’s Relay room as reported here:
    • Fixed missing words in the Hystrix description.