5.4 Hotfixes

  • "The term hotfix was originally applied to software patches that were applied to live i.e. still running systems."

    I'll probably always be making this apology, but here goes... sorry for the lateness of these notes! While the content team was cranking on the next big update our coders (myself included) were chasing crashes and offline contact bugs. Things are starting to calm to a pleasant 'blistering insanity' level of urgency. Here is a list of all the ninja updates we did this week. Can't thank you guys enough for your patience with us as we smash our match-making and chased those loot-devouring crash bugs.

    Hotfixes since 5.4

    -Fixed a long-standing memory corruption bug that was the cause of many random crashes.

    -Mod drop levels determined by enemy killed not your inventory. No more farming Mercury for level 30 Mods.

    -Foundry enforced player level requirements. Fix checks for unranked players.

    -Minimap rendering changed to use navigation mesh. Necessary for upcoming environment. Work-in-progress...

    -Preliminary in-game update message when updates are pushed (working on getting this to sync better with our CDN).

    -Hardware failure check to detect problems due to faulty RAM, overclocking instability, heat problems.

    -Signin rewards UI shows required days to reach tiers.

    -Added fallbacks when trying to join a session that ends while joining.

    -Fix chosen Artifacts cards not showing promptly in Front-end.

    -Fix double cameras after host migration.

    -Fix crashes in AI and animation.

    -Fix Corpus laser door networking issues.

    -Fix over-bloom on characters.

    -Fix for doors/elevator problems with join-in-progress.

    -Improvements to prevent accidental selling in Inventory. Work-in-progress...

    -Fix rockets and redirectional power.

    -Energy cost changes for Volt and Ash.

    -Launcher can now resume bulk downloads if the connection to CDN times out.

    -Fix network problem with other player showing shield > 100%.

    -Dojo enemies now scale up in level. Work-in-progress...

    -Fix elemental effects not showing on Scindo, Frago and many crafted Swords and Daggers.

    -Energy pickups are now shared with other players. More energy in Coop!

    -Fixes for Volt overload being over-powered, then under-powered. Does radial damage as well.

    -Fix quit exploits with Alerts.

    -Fix revive from Pause menu.

    -Prevent join-in-progress of late-stage missions.

    -Relax video card restrictions in Launcher.

    -Fix Artifacts not applying with join-in-progress.

    -AI will not incorrectly target Turrets anymore.

    -Update APEX libraries to improve Nvidia PhysX Effects stability.

    -Add help option for chat commands.

    -Fix Shotgun Ammo Pack reward being 0.

    -Fix disarm exploit for some bosses.

    -Fix for Contacts list not working when you have large number of Contacts/Clan members.

    -Additional attack animation for Scindo and Frago

    -Alert enemy levels are now using their region level range.

    -Stamina Mods for Warframes added.

    -Fix Corpus Security Cams being alert when they shouldn't. Work-in-progress...

    -Fix chat window input text being erased as presence changes came in.

    -Fix Warframe Armor Mods being most common type.

    -Disabled non-XInput joystick enumeration that was causing instability.

    -Improvements to 'massive lag' problems caused when a client re-joins a session they had left.

    -Fix "too many" Ancients in some missions.

    Hotfixes since 5.4.1

    -Fixes to Mod drop levels / rarity.

    -Crash fixes during update.

    -Rank exploits fixed.

    -Fixed a few cases where setting wouldn't save (illegal characters). Sorry but this one resets your settings.

    -Balance changes for out of control critical damage Mods.

    Hotfixes since 5.4.2

    -Various crash fixes & loc updates

    -Fixed level 1 mods being dropped by higher enemies