Update 5.4 - "Hammer Time" (Preview)

  • Parts of 5.4 rolled out today - we will likely be applying some hotfixes tomorrow though, but wanted to keep you guys in the loop...

    Update 5.4 - "Hammer Time"

    A quick one for you guys. Here are changes since Update 5.3...


    SCINDO and FRAGO added to the Market. Slow, powerful, multi-hit weapons for lovers of heavy-metal!


    Inventory screen now shows level of item.

    Settings screen now detects APEX support and disables the option if not supported.

    Pistol ammo increased for all pistol types.

    Balance changes for Gorgon and Hek.

    Shield Mods increased in power.


    Fixes to Spy missions and secondary objectives.

    Fixed dying while hacking a terminal

    Cryopod can no longer be switch-teleported.

    Fixes to keypass objective marker not always sticking around.

    Fixed being able to play the same alert multiple times.

    Fix for some users incorrectly receiving an error message about their graphics card.

    Fixes for Upgrade tree broken on some items.

    Fixed issue with pausing in an elevator.

    Jackal will now spawn if players run in to the elevator pit before encounter has started.

    Fix for VoIP breaking after one match.

    Potential fix for Jackal stomp loop.

    Fixes for packet drops breaking contact list.

    Fixes for Corpus laser-doors.


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