Update #5 is here!

  • Update 5: The Big One!

    Major new features:

    - All-new mission structure: explore the solar system!

    - Different factions control regions of space; destroy them!

    - Crushing bosses added; team up and take them down!

    - Foundries have opened up; build your own gear!

    - Resources are hidden in different regions

    - Real-time mission events on the star-chart

    - Lucrative opportunities and tough raids

    - Artifact cards to be used for missions of extreme danger

    - In game voice chat to coordinate your attacks

    - Host migration & improved networking fault-tolerance

    Major changes:

    - New and improved revive system; includes temporary invulnerability!

    - Ships can now have multiple objectives unlocked throughout

    - Improved enemy placement and encounter pacing

    - Enemy difficulty scaling tuned for greater challenges in deep-space

    - Automatic profit-sharing with your squad

    - Upgrade UI now has stats to help you make the ultimate gear

    Cool updates:

    - Mag’s pull ability can rip shields away from enemies

    - Cold damage now slows affected targets

    - Corpus ships now feature turrets, cameras and laser doors

    - End of mission bonuses & rewards

    - Tenno bonuses for “First win of the Day”

    - The in-game music is now generated dynamically

    - Painted targets are now context-sensitive

    - Weapon effects now change based on installed modules

    - In-game challenges can now be completed

    Notorious bugs fixed:

    - Walls are no longer transparent on older video cards!

    - The Lotus’ voice now conforms to volume control

    - DirectX11 no longer crashes when running multiple video cards

    - Mission-completion checks are now more thorough

    - International keyboard stability issues

    - The upload datamass cannot be lost in missions

    - Ultra-wide displays now supported properly

    - Improved video-card compatibility and min-spec detection

    Miscellaneous updates:

    - Nearly 1000 translation updates from our volunteer army!

    - Improved Tenno animations

    - Many menus & screens polished

    Note: that all accounts have been reset due to these massive changes.

    Note 2: Some hotfixes!

    - Fixed text corruption in several languages

    - Improvements to Exterminate spawning

    - Affinity Boosters now give boosts for non-combat actions

    - Fixed minor respawn issues

    - Higher level enemies are tougher

    - Captain Vor is more aggressive! Look out!